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This page contains lessons for foresters who are looking for activities to use with students in the classroom or school forest. These lessons are not intended for K-12 classroom teachers. For K-12 classroom lessons view LEAF’s Curriculum Guides.

The LEAF Forester Activity Guide includes lessons related to five themes: What Does a Forester Do?, Caring for the Forest, Forest Products / Benefits, Tree Planting and Restoration, and Fire. Each lesson includes: templates for foresters to use when contacting educators, tips for working indoors or outdoors in rural or urban settings with various grade levels, printable lessons in PDF format, corresponding google slideshows for each lesson, and resources that can be shared with educators that connect to the forester activity.

Final Forester Guide 2022
Forester Guide Introduction PDF
WI DNR Foresters Partner with LEAF Program to Update Forester Activity Guide (how-to article)
Tips for Using LEAF’s Forester Activity Guide (how-to article)