The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers majors or minors in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Applied Mathematics, and a major with emphasis in Actuarial Science. The department has about 20 faculty members and roughly 140 majors. Special faculty areas of research and instructional interest include Actuarial Science, Operations Research, Probability, Statistics, Secondary Education, and several areas of Topology and Analysis.

Of all human endeavors, few offer such a diverse character as does mathematics. On the one hand, mathematics is often considered to be the language of nature because it is through mathematics that the physical sciences view and explain the universe. Moreover, mathematics can be used to solve problems in medicine, economics, management, geography, chemistry, government, engineering, physics and computer science. On the other hand, mathematics can be viewed as the artistic expression of intellect. Mathematics is therefore limited only by one's imagination, logic and creativity. No matter how it is viewed, mathematics has something for everyone.​​


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