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Build your undergraduate skill set. Get involved in research in the School of Mathematics, Computing, Physics, and Astronomy in 3 steps!

Determine Your Interest

Think about what you want to do and learn about research in your chosen field. You can generally do research for course credit or as a volunteer. Think about what works best for you.

Check out Faculty Research

Look at faculty webpages for information on their research. Talk to faculty you have or have had courses with about their research. Identify a few faculty members whose research interests you.

Contact the Faculty

Write an email or visit them in office hours. Describe some of the information you have learned about their research. List your interests, background, experience, and ask to meet to learn more. Follow up and thank them for their time!

Examples of undergraduate research projects in the School of Mathematics, Computing, Physics, and Astronomy from the Undergraduate Research Symposium:

“Constructing a Field Trap for Confining a Magnetic Moment in Space”

“WebAssembly: The Future of Web Development in a Language Agnostic Sandbox”

“Temperature Dependent Resistance of Copper Wires and Carbon Resistors”

“PEC Water Splitting: Band Gaps and Other Bands”

“Exploring the Most Extreme Balmer Broad Emission Line Shifts in Quasars”