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Center for Athletic Scheduling

The Center for Athletic Scheduling is a non-profit, student-run, organization whose mission is to provide athletic schedules that optimally meet specified constraints to intercollegiate athletic conferences across the country.

Types of Schedules

We have recently created schedules for the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Conference (WIAC), the President’s Athletic Conference, the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference, and the Middle Atlantic, Freedom and Commonwealth Conferences. Schedules have included constraints on the maximum number of consecutive home and away games, travel restrictions, requested home dates or match-ups, bye specifications, blackout dates, minimum games dates before repeated match-ups, etc. Please submit as much information as possible, with a thorough explanation for your schedule needs.

An electronic copy of each schedule will be sent via email.

A rough estimate of the typical time until schedule completion after the initial data is collected is 4-6 weeks. 2-week rush service is available with a 50% surcharge. Any number of complications may arise when constructing the schedule, so we can not provide an exact estimate for any given schedule.

The typical schedule will cost $400 but this price may vary based upon the complexity of the schedule requested.

You will receive an electronic invoice via e-mail, and we ask that you include a copy of this invoice with your payments.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point reserves the right to present or publish on all completed work. For example, we may present the completed schedules at a conference, or a university evaluation of the Center for Athletic Scheduling.


Email the Center for Athletic Scheduling at Professor of mathematics Andy Felt is the Center for Athletic Scheduling’s faculty adviser. Contact Andy at