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Adriana Durbala


Professor Adriana Durbala and students who work with her in research are keenly interested in the properties of galaxies. In her classes, Durbala works to instill the beauty of critical thinking, the value of the scientific argument, the curiosity and fun of wondering, interpreting, discovering and understanding the physical world. She strives to be a mentor to students. Beyond the classroom, Durbala is part of a large collaborative network, the Undergraduate ALFALFA Team, representing 25 institutions in the U.S. to promote undergraduate research. She invites students to study radio astronomy during summer research workshops and training at the Green Bank Observatory, in the mountains of West Virginia. Durbala began teaching in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UW-Stevens Point in 2009.  She developed the requirements for a new Astronomy minor, with Dr. Sebastian Zamfir, first offered in 2019. 


  • UW-Stevens Point University Scholar Award (2022)


  • Extragalatic astronomy/astrophysics
  • Optical and radio astronomy


Durbala, A., Finn, R., Odekon, M., Haynes, M., Koopmann, R., and O’Donoghue, A. (2020). “The ALFALFA-SDSS Galaxy Catalog.” The Astronomical Journal, 160, 271

 Durbala, A., Ghavamian, P., & Thomas, J. Test Bank for 21st Century Astronomy (2015), 5th edition, chapters 17-24.

 Tamburri, S., Trinchieri, G., Wolter, A., Sulentic, J. W., Durbala, A., and Rossado, M. (2012). “Seyfert’s Sextet: Where is the Gas?” Astronomy & Astrophysics, 541, 95. 10.1051/0004-6361/201118758

Coordinator, Astronomy minor

SCI B203


Ph.D. - Physics
University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa

M.S. - Physics
University of Bucharest, Romania

B.S. - Physics
University of Bucharest, Romania


College Physics
History of Astronomy
Research Participation
Solar System
Stars and Stellar Systems
Unveiling the Universe