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College of Letters and Science Physics for Educators Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate

This certificate program is intended for, but not limited to, those students pursuing a degree in science education. The certificate can be completed concurrently with your undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences with teaching intent or a related field.

The certificate does not meet the requirements for a Physics license through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Consists of 13 credits. View course catalog.
Required Courses, 13 credits:

  • PHYS 203 – College Physics I Credits: 5 and
  • PHYS 204 – College Physics II Credits: 5
  • PHYS 240 – University Physics I Credits: 5 and
  • PHYS 250 – University Physics II Credits: 5

  • PHYS 300 – Modern Physics Credits: 3
    If you are completing the Physics 203/204 sequence, you need to take either Math 111 or Math 225 before taking Physics 300.