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College of Letters and Science Physics for Educators Minor


This minor, administered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, is intended for Natural Science majors. To be retained and approved for graduation as a physics minor for teaching certification, you must have a minimum grade point average of 2.75 in all courses in the minor, regardless of a declaration of academic forgiveness.  

Consists of 26 credits. To visit program on the UW-Stevens Point course catalog, click here.

Core Physics, 13 credits:

  • PHYS 240 – University Physics I Credits: 5
  • PHYS 250 – University Physics II Credits: 5
  • PHYS 300 – Modern Physics Credits: 3

Mathematics Courses, 10 credits:

  • MATH 225 – Calculus Credits: 5
  • MATH 226 – Calculus II Credits: 5

Elective Course, 3 credits:
Choose any physics course numbered above 300, not including PHYS 390 and PHYS 490.