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Wisconsin Forestry Careers Coalition

Moving Forestry Forward

The Wisconsin Forestry Center coordinates the Wisconsin Forestry Careers Coalition (WFCC) to address the urgent need for skilled workers in the forestry industry. With support from an $8 million state Workforce In​novation Grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. and in collaboration with many partners, the WFCC is a forestry education and career pathway program. This start-to-finish pathway program addresses the full spectrum of forestry, from planting trees, sustainable forest management, timber harvesting, converting logs to lumber, and creating wood products.

The program has three focus areas: educating high schoolers through applied curriculum, training entry-level employees through immersion programs in forest operations and mill technology, and raising public awareness of the forest industry and its careers.

WFCC Program Areas

​Applied High School Curriculum

Hands-on education for high school juniors and seniors in tree ID and biology, forest health, forest products, and silviculture.

Forest Operations Immersion Training Program

A six-week immersive training program preparing graduates to operate and maintain forestry equipment to ensure sustainable forest management.

Mill Technology Immersion Training Program

An immersive six-week training program that prepares graduates for cutting-edge sawmill operation and maintenance jobs to turn logs into lumber.

Forestry Outreach

Increasing the public’s awareness of the forest industry and the diverse careers in forestry.

WFCC Goals

  1. Develop and implement public outreach that increases awareness of the forestry sector and its careers.
  2. Expand high school forestry education with a certified skill-development curriculum to prepare students for entering the workforce.
  3. Provide affordable, short-duration post-high school immersion training programs that prepare graduates for stable, well-paying jobs.
  4. Build career development pathways via credit-eligible certificate programs.

WFCC Partners

This coalition would not be possible without a broad-based group of partners.