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Coming in 2024!

Forest Operations Immersion Training Program

Based at the Treehaven​ field station in Tomahawk, the Forest Operations Immersion Training Program will prepare participants for forestry equipment operation and mechanic jobs. During this six-week, 240-hour experiential certificate program, participants develop fundamental experience with forestry practices while operating and maintaining equipment used for tree felling, merchandising, and log transportation. The program offers graduates rapid entry into jobs in forest operations and college credits from UW-Stevens Point that can be used for optional further education. Benefits to employers include reduced on-the-job training, increased initial productivity, and better employee retention. The initial offering of the Forest Operations Immersion Training Program will begin in October 2024. Additional offerings will be in spring and fall 2025.


All courses are taught by industry professionals and UW-Stevens Point forestry faculty and staff.
Course 1

Introduction to Forestry

This 40-hour immersive course encompasses forestry basics, including tree ID and biology, compass/map reading and public land survey, forest management and silviculture, forest and tree measurements, and forest harvesting systems.

Course 2

Forestry Equipment Maintenance Overview

This course, based at Nicolet College in Rhinelander, is a 40-hour overview of hydraulics, DC electrical, and welding.

Course 3

Forestry Equipment Operations

  • Module 1: Hand felling with chainsaws
  • Module 2:Mechanical felling with Ponsse simulators and harvesters.
  • Module 3: Log loading and transport with Ponsse simulators and forwarders, tractor/log bunk operation, and tractor/skid steer operation with mulcher and feller-buncher attachments.
  • Module 4: Forest road construction and maintenance with dozer operation, including BMPs for water quality


The immersion training program is based in the heart of the Northwoods, at the new Forestry Advancement Center at Treehaven, a UW-Stevens Point field station near Tomahawk. Lodging and meals are available on-site.

For More Information

Keith Turnquist

  • Workforce Development Program Manager
College of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Forestry Center