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College of Letters and Science Political Science Degree

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The political science major allows students to study the government and politics of the United States and other countries, their foreign affairs and foreign policies, and international relations. Students also have opportunities to explore other areas of interest in the social sciences and humanities. Our courses cover social scientific, theoretical, and philosophical approaches to politics. Students pursuing a political science degree often participate in campus and community politics and receive individual attention from faculty who teach small, dynamic classes. Some students earn internships in local, state, or national government. Many majors choose to study or intern abroad, even with the British Parliament.

If you’re looking for an education that prepares you for a career in politics, public administration, the law, or in the non-governmental and private sectors, political science at UW-Stevens Point is for you.

Why Study Political Science at UW-Stevens Point?

Many UWSP political science majors attend graduate school in areas such as public administration, public policy, law, and international relations. Others enter the workforce directly upon graduation securing jobs in local and state government, the courts and criminal justice systems, the private sector, and a variety of non-governmental organizations. Political Science graduates work as policy analysts, communicators, teachers, entrepreneurs and business owners, and financial planners, among other professions. Some even hold elected office.


High-achieving students in the Political Science program are eligible for many significant awards and scholarships thanks to generous support from our alumni, friends, and corporate partners. In late March, information and an application form are emailed to all majors and recipients are notified by letter prior to the end of the spring semester. All award and scholarship selections are determined by the Political Science Scholarship Committee.

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Our full-time faculty members, all with doctorates from leading universities, are dedicated teachers and active researchers in their respective fields. They teach introductory courses in American politics and global affairs, as well as a wide range of upper-level seminars on subjects such as constitutional law, environmental politics and policy, European politics, Latin American politics, U.S. foreign policy, minority group politics, gender and politics, human rights, public policy analysis, and terrorism and homeland security. 

Dr. Blakeman is a specialist with books on the Supreme Court and the role of religion in politics. Dr. Collins’recently published book and articles examine populism and social movements in the Andean region of South America. Dr. Mapes-Martins’ area of expertise is environmental politics and policy including climate change. Dr. Park’s research, which has appeared in several journal articles, focuses on the political behavior and views of Asian Americans within the U.S. political System. On our Wausau campus, Dr. Gunderson’s research and publications have focused on women in the military, war crimes and Ukraine.

Qualified majors can serve in an internship with local or national government or even internationally. Interns have served in a variety of places, from district attorney’s offices, police departments, and mayor’s offices, to government offices at the state and federal level. The department participates in several Washington, D.C., internship programs, as well as international internships supervised by the Office of International Education.

Our Political Science graduates are the single largest group of applicants who are accepted and enroll in law school. UWSP has a 73% acceptance rate in law school applications. Two-thirds of UWSP students who are admitted to law school are Political Science majors! Connect with us about pre-law advising.

Law and Policy Minor

The Law and Policy Minor prepares students for a range of careers in law oriented fields. The minor is excellent preparation for law school, and the course selection provides you with some of the skills and knowledge recommended by the American Bar Association for law school preparation. If you’re not interested in law school, the minor will also prepare you for many other careers in which an understanding of law, regulation, and public policy are crucial.

Peace Studies Minor

Peace Studies is an opportunity to devote part of your college career to the problems of war, violence, and oppression. Practitioners work for positive social change through non-profit organizations, government agencies, and business firms in jobs such as project coordinators, media specialists, lobbyists, grant writers, and lawyers.

International Relations Certificate

The certificate in international relations provides students with working knowledge of the international governance system including international security, international political economy, international organizations and law, and foreign policy.


Political Science students can build their resumes through a variety of activities. The College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Research Symposium gives students the opportunity to present research projects undertaken with a faculty mentor.

Student organizations include the Model UN and Student Legal Society. Pointers Vote Coalition is a nonpartisan student organization that works to increase student civic engagement and voting to ensure that student voices can make a difference in policy across all levels of government. Many of our majors get involved in the Student Government Association, representing the student body of UW-Stevens Point.  Pi Sigma Alpha is the honor society for college students in political science and government.

More opportunities can be found on the Stevens Point Involvement Network (SPIN).

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Major Maps help students map their first day to the first job in their chosen field. While a four-year plan outlines classes to get a degree, Major Maps help students learn how to build career-ready skills and experiences outside the classroom. Each Major Map shows how students can get the most of their UW-Stevens Point journey from enrollment to graduation and beyond. It’s a roadmap to discovering your purpose!

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Political Science Major
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Pre-Law Program

Political Science graduates comprise the single largest group of UWSP students who attend law school and work as attorneys. The Political Science Department houses the pre-law advising on campus and we have a very successful placement record-73% of UWSP seniors who apply to law school are admitted to at least one school. Interested students should contact the Pre-Law Adviser Professor John Blakeman for more information,

Campus Involvement

Share your passion for service on campus in one of our active student groups. Our work encourages voting and representation. Take advantage of the many opportunities to lead and make connections with fellow political science majors!

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The department offers small classes taught by a dedicated faculty, and a lot of individual attention and advising. Our faculty come from some of the best Political Science Ph.D. programs and are engaged in ongoing research projects. The faculty have extensive field experience studying, teaching, working, and pursuing research in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.​

John Blakeman

  • Professor
  • Pre-Law Adviser

Jennifer Collins

  • Professor
  • Chair, Department of Political Science

Brad Mapes-Martins

  • Associate Professor

Saemyi Park

  • Associate Professor