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College of Letters and Science Psychology Minor


Psychology is a minor that complements many disciplines and majors at UWSP such as business, health sciences, natural sciences, education, and the arts. The minor provides students with a strong core of psychology classes while also allowing students the flexibility to choose psychology classes which match their interests.  After completing the Introduction to Psychology course, students have substantial freedom to explore the many areas of psychology.

The Psychology Minor consists of at least 18 credits, including:

Required Courses: Take all of the following:
PSYC 110: Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 200: Research Methods in Psychology

Core Content: Choose at least one course from each of the following two groups:
Social Science Core:
PSYC 260: Introduction to Developmental Psychology
PSYC 320: Social Psychology
PSYC 301: Personality Psychology
PSYC 351: Abnormal Psychology

Cognitive Science Core:
PSYC 325: Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC 330: Perception
PSYC 331: Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 375: Learning

Elective Courses: Take six additional elective Psychology credits, which may include courses listed above, not already used. [No more than 6 credits of 200-level courses will count toward these electives.]