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College of Letters and Science International Relations Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate

The International Relations Certificate offered by UWSP’s Political Science Department provides students with an opportunity to pursue an interest in international relations as a complement to their majors. The Certificate is comprised of relevant political science courses focusing on concepts and issues in international affairs and the workings of the diplomatic world.

This 15-credit certificate is intended for students who are seeking to …

  • pursue a career with organizations and agencies involved in international affairs, such as the U.S. State Department and other government agencies, international organizations like the UN, international non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International, or global companies
  • learn more about foreign affairs and diplomacy, and/or
  • study global politics and international development.

Why study International Relations at UW-Stevens Point?

The Department of Political Science in UWSP is home to faculty with extensive educational experience in Europe, South America, and Asia. The faculty’s research interests in foreign affairs and international relations include state compliance with international organizations and law, democratization, indigenous political movements in South America, corruption and ethnic discrimination in Europe, international environmental policy and climate change, and American states, federalism, and foreign trade.


The Certificate in International Relations provides students with working knowledge of international governance including the United Nations system, international law, international security, and foreign policy. Students develop research and analytical skills for addressing policy questions in international relations and learn about the political, legal, and constitutional constraints and opportunities faced by governments when engaging in international relations.

Minimum grade point average:  2.5/4.0 in certificate courses
Number of credit hours to be earned:  18
Required Courses: (9 credits)

Poli 160 – Comparative Politics
Poli 180 – Introduction to Global Affairs
Poli 385 – International Organizations and Law

Electives: (9 credits from the following list)
Pax 200 – Dilemmas of War and Peace
Poli 363 – Politics of the European Union
Poli 374 – Political Development
Poli 382 – Latin America in World Affairs
Poli 383 – U.S. Foreign Policy
Poli 386 – Politics of Terrorism and Homeland Security
Poli 387 – International Simulation
Poli 490 – Selected Problems in Political Science (topic must focus on international relations)
Poli 455 – Internship (internship must be in appropriate agency or similar entity that focuses on international relations or must be with a foreign government office, agency, business, etc.  The following online internship opportunity with the Department of State provides a good example: Virtual Student Foreign Service.)

Poli 499 – Special Work (Independent Study––topic must focus on international relations)

Employment Opportunities

The Certificate in International Relations is designed for students who are interested in pursuing graduate education and/or careers in international affairs. Future employment opportunities include, but are not limited to, working for the U.S. government’s foreign policy or intelligence agencies; the U.S. military; foreign policy think tanks; international government or non-governmental organizations; the national security industry; multi-national corporations; state commerce departments; and even local governments that conduct international trade policy. Students not interested in a political career can use their expertise in international relations to make a mark for themselves in the field of law and business. In addition, the Certificate is also an effective way of indicating to graduate schools (as well as future employers) that you have a strong interest in global affairs.