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College of Letters and Science Law and Policy Minor


The Law and Policy Minor prepares students for a range of careers in law oriented fields. The minor is excellent preparation for law school, and the course selection provides you with some of the skills and knowledge recommended by the American Bar Association for law school preparation. If you’re not interested in law school, the minor will also prepare you for many other careers in which an understanding of law, regulation, and public policy are crucial. Careers in public policy and administration, local, state, and federal government, or in the private sector in consulting firms that focus on public problems, environmental affairs and regulation, or human resources, are some of the possibilities.

This interdisciplinary minor draws on the study of law and legal institutions to prepare students to make an impact in society. Students will learn to analyze law and public policy from the perspective of different disciplines including political science, business and economics, sociology, philosophy, and psychology. The Law and Policy Minor is recommended for students who are interested in law school. The minor is fulfilled with 24 credits as outlined below.

Internships in law-related fields are also possible, and strongly encouraged.

Required Courses, 9-10 credits:

POLI 212 – Law and Legal Systems Credits: 3

Take 3 credits from:

Take 3-4 credits from:

Elective Courses, 15 credits

Choose 9 credits from the following:

Choose 6 credits from the following:

“The UWSP Law and Policy minor provides students the opportunity to learn and practice skills beyond those needed for a legal career. While many of the courses that count for credit in this minor are based in case law and legal analysis, I have found myself developing other crucial skills. First, reading advanced legal cases allows me to better develop critical reading skills. The Law and Policy courses teach me how to read and conceptualize complex concepts into core aspects of understanding. Additionally, this minor provides me the opportunity to critically analyze contested concepts from multiple viewpoints. I come out of each and every class with a more in-depth understanding of all viewpoints related to each topic that we discuss. The opportunity to develop critical reading and analysis skills will serve me well! ”
Roy Thorson, Business major/Law and Policy minor