This is a two year program in which students take core math, physics and chemistry classes in preparation for acceptance into an engineering program. UWSP offers degrees in Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering, but for other engineering degrees students must transfer to another institution.

For all pre-engineering areas except pre-chemical engineering, you should take the following science and mathematics courses in your freshman and sophomore years: Math 225, 226, 227, 230; Physics 240, 250, 300. Chemistry 105, 106 (or 117) is also recommended. Specific engineering curricula and universities have individual requirements. See a physics advisor for additional information and suggested electives. For pre-chemical engineering and/or ABET accredited engineering, see Paper Science and Engineering in the catalog.

To vist the UW-Stevens Point course catalog, click here.

Two Year Plan


The following tables illustrate a typical plan to complete the program within a two-year time frame. Students taking different paths may take longer than the four year plan here. Please consult with and advisor when planning your major – some physics courses are taught only in alternate years.

First Year


​Fall I ​Credits
​Phys 111 ​1cr
​Math 225 ​5cr
​Engl 101 & Electives ​10cr
TOTAL 16cr
​Spring I ​Credits
​Phys 240
​Math 226
​Engl 102 & Electives ​6cr
​TOTAL 16cr

Second Year


​Fall II ​Credits
​Phys 250 ​5cr
​Math 227 ​4cr
​Chem 105 or 117 ​5cr
​Elective Credits ​0-3cr
​TOTAL 14-17
​Spring II ​Credits
​Phys 300 ​3cr
​Math 230 ​4cr
​Elective Credits ​8cr
TOTAL 15cr