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COFAC Dean Cisler


Welcome to the College of Fine Arts and Communication—

Upon entering the atrium of the Noel Fine Arts Center on the UW-Stevens Point campus, the first thing you will notice is the college mission statement painted above the entrance:

Our mission is to provide a community
in which we inspire, create, and achieve.
This community is centered on our students,
who come first in our decision-making process.

Each of these words—inspire, create, and achieve—evokes an integrative synergy, an active exchange between and among students and faculty:

Members of the College of Fine Arts and Communication faculty also serve to promote and enhance a vibrant arts community, both on the UWSP campus and throughout the region. Involvement in the arts and communication is at the heart of a thriving community. We believe that the skills our students learn through the guidance of our faculty are integral to the development of creative problem-solving, discipline, self-expression, flexibility, and collaboration—important life skills, that become increasingly valuable in an ever-changing world.

UW-Stevens Point has a long history of distinguished programs in the arts and is the only institution in the state in which all four arts programs are nationally accredited: Art & Design (NASAD), Dance (NASD), Music (NASM), and Theatre (NAST). Students who come to study on this campus find rigorous challenges in both general and professional preparation that meets national standards. UWSP is also home to the Aber Suzuki Center which celebrated its 50th Anniversary this summer and the renowned American Suzuki Institute—the first in America, numbering more than 120,000 participants from nearly 50 countries over the past 47 years. The Division of Communication features a number of exceptional degree programs with integrated career experiences through student-run print media, television and radio, and a wide variety of intern/externships, including unique offerings in Arts Management.

We invite you to visit the College of Fine Arts and Communication! Take a campus tour and meet the faculty and students. Visit our studios, classrooms, rehearsal rooms, theatres, concert halls, and art gallery. Tune in to our T.V. and radio stations. Attend a concert, exhibit, or production. Once you see our students and faculty in action, you will know why the College of Fine Arts and Communication holds a preeminent place in the region for its quality programs.