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Art student with professor

College of Fine Arts & Communication Point-to-Point Connections

What do you wish you would have known while you were on campus? What has surprised you the most about your career path? What advice would you give the student version of yourself? How have other Pointers helped you along the way? 

Whether you are a recent graduate or a longtime alum, you can make an important difference for today’s students in the College of Fine Arts and Communication. By volunteering to share your story, your network, your career advice, and your successes, you can help guide students through the start of their professional lives as they discover their purpose. 

COFAC Point-to-Point Connections is an opportunity for you to shape the next generation of professionals in the arts and communication. The past few years have been particularly challenging for college students (and their parents) who are concerned about college costs and their future success. With this program, we hope to ease their concerns by letting them know that in addition to our faculty and staff, our alumni are willing to provide support through this journey. 

You are a vital part of our Pointer family and we look forward to hearing from you! Let us know how you want to connect.