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School of Performing Arts Pilates Education Certification

UW-Stevens Point offers the most well-known and innovative Pilates Teacher Training curriculum worldwide, providing learning opportunities that are stimulating, personal and rooted in the art and science of movement. Our curriculum emphasizes the principles underlying each exercise, providing a deep understanding of Pilates and it benefits, giving our students the tools required to begin a successful career as Pilates professionals.

Pilates training focuses on engaging the mind with the body to create exercises that involve the whole body. Pilates strengthens the body’s core, improves balance, increases coordination and decreases stress. Pilates exercises are appropriate for a broad range of ages and physical abilities.

Pilates at UWSP

Why Choose Pilates at UW-Stevens Point?

Derived from principles developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a safe and effective form of body-mind exercise that can be performed on a mat or using a variety of innovative equipment. Once known only by elite dancers and athletes, Pilates is now practiced world-wide in a variety of settings including gyms, private studios, and medical facilities.

Pilates Classroom

Offered In Module Format

The UWSP Pilates Teacher Training program is offered in module format. Students then have the opportunity to complete their Certified Pilates Teacher training at any Balanced Body Authorized Training Center worldwide. UWSP’s program, like those of other leaders in the Pilates industry, offers an assessment-based certificate of completion based on the recommendations of the nationally recognized Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

For each module, students will be provided a link to order a comprehensive manual current with national standards and produced by industry leader, Balanced Body Inc.

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During the UWSP Pilates Teacher Training program, students have the opportunity to gain practical teaching experience through campus and community partnerships. These teaching experiences are recorded as Practical Teaching Hours and count toward completion of the Pilates Teacher Training Program.

Our Program supports the dynamic process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more positive, balanced and healthy lifestyle. UWSP’s Teacher Training Program is designed to create thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates teachers. 

Pilates Education Schedule

Semester I FALL 2023 (Movement Principles and Mat I) The expectation is to register for (Movement Principles and Mat I) for fall 2023. The course work is designed to be taken in conjunction with each other. Semester II SPRING 2024 (Mat II and Mat III) The expectation is to register for (Mat II and Mat III) for spring 2024. The course work is designed to be taken in conjunction with each other.

Mat II teaches the remaining intermediate and advanced level Mat exercises for a complete understanding of the Pilates Mat program. Lectures include progressive skill development to achieve the advanced exercises, programming for the intermediate and advanced levels and creating successful Mat classes.

Saturday, January 20, 2024, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Sunday, January 21, 2024, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

$55 Manual Purchase (Separate Payment.)


Matt III Enhanced Mat and Props completes the Mat training by adding rings, rollers, bands and balls to the traditional Mat exercises. In addition, Enhanced Mat includes functional exercises for the upper and lower body expanding the Mat work beyond the core to develop whole body strength and flexibility. Adding props to a Mat class makes them more dynamic, creative and accessible and clients love toys!

Friday’s, January 26 – May 3, 2024

8:30-9:50 a.m. 

(No Class Friday, March 22)

$55  Manual Purchase (Separate Payment.)


Pilates Weekly Matt Classes – Open to all

Weekly classes are offered to anyone interested in attending Pilates throughout the semester, based on the level of your experience. Pilates Mat class teaches the principles of functional anatomy that strengthen the body’s core, improve balance, and increase movement efficiency. Participants can expect to have a full conditioning experience that leads to evenly balanced musculature, increased range of motion and enhanced physical performance. Questions? Contact Amy Beversdorf, or Pamela Luedtke,

Friday’s, September 8th – December 8th, 2023

No class November 24 (Thanksgiving)

9:00-9:50 a.m. – NFAC 130

Student pricing: $65 (sessions13 @ $5/class) – payable in cash or check to Amy Beversdorf or Pamela Luedtke at first class session (checks made out to Studio B Pilates).

Mondays, September 11th- December 11th, 2023
9:00-10:00 a.m. – NFAC 136

Student pricing: $70 (14 sessions @ $5/class) –payable in cash or check to Amy Beversdorf or Pamela Luedtke at first class session (checks made out to Studio B Pilates).

Pilates Trainers

Amy Beversdorf

  • Associate Lecturer – Dance
  • Pilates Faculty and Training Center Co-Director

Pamela Luedtke

  • Associate Lecturer – Dance
  • Pilates Faculty and Training Center Co-Director

I fell fast in love with Pilates as a movement practice and decided to work toward a Mat certification before leaving UW-Stevens Point.

Amy Larson, BA Dance