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Recorded Webinar Zoning as a Tool to Protect Groundwater

Webinar Materials

Zoning as a Tool to Protect Groundwater Presentation (Audio Only)

Zoning as a Tool to Protect Groundwater PowerPoint (PDF)

Potential Land Use Policies for Counties to Improve Nitrate Levels in Drinking Water

Wisconsin Well Water Quality Viewer – Private well data for Wisconsin includes nitrate and pesticide concentrations.

Nitrate in Wisconsin’s Public Water Systems

Protecting Wisconsin’s Groundwater through Comprehensive Planning

Note: this website was created in 2007, so data is old. For goundwater quality maps, use the Wisconsin Well Water Quality Viewer.

  • Groundwater policies by county in 2007
  • Example groundwater goals, objectives and policies

Well Water for Rural Residential Subdivisions

Nitrate in Wisconsin’s Groundwater, 2021

Pesticides in Wisconsin’s Groundwater

Agricultural Chemical in Wisconsin’s Groundwater, inlcudes maps, 2017

Introduction to Zoning: Segments on different parts of zoning with explanations and short videos.

(34 pages). Zoning is one tool used to carry out community goals and objectives as set forth in a comprehensive or land use plan. This compilation by Struck covers such topics as zoning powers and developing a zoning ordinance to extraterritorial zoning.