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The Fish Hotel Kit contains a variety of instructional materials designed to help children and adults alike learn about the benefits of leaving trees in lakes. Trees in lakes not only provide areas for fish to spawn, but also offer shelter to help some species protect their incubating brood. Large submerged trees can host entire fish communities!

Fish Hotel kits are available at no charge.


* Tailored to the Wisconsin standards for science for grades 3-5 (Standards SCILS1 and SCI.LS2), but have been used with a wide variety of audiences including camps and special education classrooms.

** Wisconsin Fish Wildcards are provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Classroom Visuals

Shorelines Recorded Presentation
Learn how to identify healthy shorelines for fish and what you can do to help.
Fish Hotels Recorded Presentation
Describes what fish hotels are, and the simple steps we can take to provide fish with what they need. Contains a diverse set of shoreline photos with the question “Could you survive as a fish here?” to prompt class discussions.
Impervious Surfaces Recorded Presentation
Explains how runoff from impervious (hard) surfaces lead to decreased fish populations in lakes and streams. For example, more nutrients from runoff result in less oxygen in the water; more sediments cover spawning beds of fish; and warmer water can eliminate cold water fish like trout, northern pike and walleye.
Engbretson Fish Videos
Three short recorded live videos are available by Engbretson Underwater Photography.

Books & Materials

Fish Hotel Teaching Guide (2021)
Fish Hotel Kit Teaching Guide in PDF format. Lessons plans updated in 2021.
Fish Hotel Book Reading
Listen to Fish Hotel as you view the story of Tessa and her cousin Hugo learning how fish benefit by leaving trees in water.
Additional Fish Hotel Kit Materials
Order additional kit materials including Fish Hotel non-fiction booklets, Field Guides, posters, and more.
Fish Cards
Color photos of 19 Wisconsin fish contain in a PDF file for easy printing. Fish card game activity included in the Fish Hotel Kit Teaching Guide.
Magic Goggles Book
Go on an adventure with Maggie and her little brother Tate at their grandparents’ lake cabin. They discover two pairs of really weird, old goggles with leather straps in a dusty old trunk in the attic. Down at the lake with their goggles, the kids make magical discoveries. Learn why trees are important around lakes and in the water.
Magic Goggles Book Reading
Listen to The Magic Goggles as you view the story of Maggie and her little brother Tate as they explore the lake making new discoveries with their magic goggles.
Fish Sticks: Improving Lake Habitat
The Wisconsin DNR website, Fish Sticks: Improving Lake Habitat, explains how these projects improve lake habitat and how to get involved.
Lake Lucerne Fish Stick (Fish Hotel) Project
During the 2021 winter, over 40 fish sticks were created along the Lake Lucerne southern shorelines by Lake Lucerne Advancement Association. Read about the project and view photos of the fish stick building from start to finish.
Freshwater Fish Book Series
Bluegills, Iowa Darter and more species coming!