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Smiley Professional Events is our ongoing schedule of speakers, workshops and special activities outside of classes. Students earn academic credit by choosing events that fit their schedules and interests such as etiquette dinners, networking banquets and local company tours. With over 300 Smiley Professional Events each year, there’s always something exciting happening!
Business and Society Lecture Series

Liz Nilsen

Fall 2022

Liz Nilsen, co-author of “Strategic Doing,” presented on “Leadership Is an Action, Not a Job Title.” Learn how to show leadership, even in the beginning of your career, by using the 10 skills of agile leadership.
Lunch with a Leader
Smiley Professional Events

Lunch with a Leader

Lunch with a Leader is a unique networking opportunity where students reach out to community leaders for lunch. This gives students a one-on-one opportunity with leaders who are very graciously donating their time to meet with students who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet with someone in their position. Topics discussed range from professional development to guidance and resources. By setting up a “Lunch with a Leader” you will be expanding your network and gaining valuable professional knowledge. Your lunch might even lead to an internship or job opportunity – as past students have reported!

Anderson Classroom to Career Center

The Keith and Tammy Anderson Classroom to Career (C2C) Center provides a single location for UW-Stevens Point School of Business and Economics students to learn about majors, receive career and financial support, and discover internship and professional development opportunities. The Anderson C2C Center also serves as a hub for business outreach and event planning.
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By the Numbers

activities and speakers for students each year
leaders available to connect with students for a mentorship lunch
speakers come each year to panel discussions, classes and networking receptions

Core Courses

  • The mid-semester deadline will be March 18; end of semester cut-off is May 13.
    If you are in multiple core courses, you need to attend enough events to cover all your courses (no double-dipping!).
  • If you attend more than the minimum required number of events in the first half-semester, your credits will carry forward.
  • NEW EARLY DEADLINES FOR VIDEO EVENTS: Video events must be completed by Mar.ch11 for credit in the first half-semester and May 6 for credit in the second half-semester.

Attendance at six (6) events required (three before March 18, three before May 13:

  • BUS 100 01-LEC Regular Kevin Neuman
  • BUS 100 02-LEC Regular Nik Butz
Attendance at two (2) events required (one before March 18, one before May 13):
  • ACCT 210    01-LEC Regular    Bo DeDeker
  • ACCT 210    02-LEC Regular    Marissa Warzynski
  • ACCT 210    03-LEC Regular    Marissa Warzynski
  • ACCT 210    M01-LEC Regular    Scott Sybeldon
  • ACCT 210    W01-LEC Regular    Scott Sybeldon
  • ACCT 211    01-LEC Regular    C R Marshall
  • ACCT 211    M01-LEC Regular    Scott Sybeldon
  • ACCT 211    W01-LEC Regular    Scott Sybeldon
  • ACCT 310    01-LEC Regular    Bo DeDeker
  • ACCT 310    01F-LEC Regular    Bo DeDeker
  • ACCT 311    01-LEC Regular    Bo DeDeker
  • ACCT 311    01F-LEC Regular    Bo DeDeker
  • ACCT 331    01-LEC Regular    Bo DeDeker
  • ACCT 331    01F-LEC Regular    Bo DeDeker
  • ACCT 370     01-LEC Regular    Marissa Warzynski
  • BUS 300    01-LEC Regular    Reed Stratton
  • BUS 300    02-LEC Regular    Reed Stratton
  • BUS 300    03-LEC Regular    Janice Marshall
  • BUS 300    04-LEC Regular    Mary Kleckner
  • BUS 301    01-LEC Regular    Mary Kleckner
  • BUS 301    02-LEC Regular    Mary Kleckner
  • BUS 301    03-LEC Regular    Mary Kleckner
  • BUS 301    04-LEC Regular    Reed Stratton
  • BUS 320    01-LEC Regular    Joshua Misner
  • BUS 322    01-LEC Regular    Greg Koepel
  • BUS 324    01-LEC Regular    Greg Koepel
  • BUS 325    01-LEC Regular    Joshua Misner
  • BUS 325    02-LEC Regular    Greg Koepel
  • BUS 325    03-LEC Regular    Greg Koepel
  • BUS 330    01-LEC Regular    Martin Meyers
  • BUS 330    02-LEC Regular    Martin Meyers
  • BUS 330    03-LEC Regular    Kit Kiefer
  • BUS 340    01-LEC Regular    Caz McChrystal
  • BUS 340    02-LEC Regular    Caz McChrystal
  • BUS 350    01-LEC Regular    Kevin Bahr
  • BUS 350    02-LEC Regular    Deborah Beyer
  • BUS 353    01-LEC Regular    Deborah Beyer
  • BUS 360    01-LEC Regular    CR Marshall
  • BUS 370    01-LEC Regular    Nikolaus Butz
  • BUS 370    02-LEC Regular    Nikolaus Butz
  • BUS 480    01-LEC Regular    Elizabeth Martin
  • BUS 480    02-LEC Regular    Elizabeth Martin
  • BUS 480    03-LEC Regular    James Servi
  • BUS 480    04-LEC Regular    James Servi
  • HPW 210    01-LEC Regular    Kelly Schoonaert
  • HPW 445    01-LEC Regular    Corey Huck
Attendance at one (1) event required (between Jan. 24-March 18):
  • BUS 322    M01-LEC 8W1    James Servi
  • BUS 322    W01-LEC 8W1    James Servi

Meet the Pro Events Staff

We are located in the Anderson Classroom to Career Center on the first floor of the College of Professional Studies Building (128 CPS). Prof. Martin is usually in the Anderson C2C Center (128 CPS) during these times: Monday: 10 a.m.-noon; Monday: 2-3:15 p.m.; Wednesday: 2-4:30 p.m.
Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth Martin

  • Professor – Business
  • Director – Anderson Classroom to Career Center
  • Director – School of Business and Economics Student Engagement Program
Pro Events Board

Advisory Board

The Pro Events Advisory Board is a group of students that works closely with the Pro Events Program of the School of Business and Economics. Advisory Board members help shape the program and serve as its face for students and guests. This is a year-long commitment that is beneficial to the student board members as well as to the Pro Events program. Current board members were selected in April 2021. Read more details below.

  • Number of Members: 10-12
  • Meeting Schedule: 3 meetings per semester on Wednesday from 5:30–7:15 p.m.

Pro Events Advisory Board members work with the Pro Events team in order to promote Pro Events to students on campus. Members are required to promote events in their classes and via social media. They also give feedback on past events and suggest ideas for future events. Advisory Board members must have a professional demeanor and be comfortable networking with students as well as business professionals and alumni.

  • Familiarity and enthusiasm for the Pro Events program.
  • Attend six Advisory Board meetings per year (three per semester).
  • Attend and give feedback on a variety of Pro Events, (10 per semester). Attended events will count, as needed, as Pro Event credits for classes.
  • Attend designated “special” Pro Events; e.g., keynote speaker.
  • Promote upcoming Pro Events via social media and in-class announcements.
  • Commit to a full year through May 2023.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Have a major within the School of Business and Economics or Health Promotion and Wellness.

  • After the completion of a full year, board members will be awarded a $500 scholarship.
  • By actively attending numerous Pro Events, you will have many opportunities to expand your professional network and gain important career-planning knowledge.
  • You will be able to connect with local business professionals at Advisory Board meetings, providing additional opportunities for networking and professional growth.
  • You will be invited to special Advisory Board-only events, such as receptions with visiting alumni.
  • You will have the chance to improve the Pro Events program for you and your fellow students.
  • You will develop highly-valued skills such as communication, leadership, networking, public speaking and teamwork skills.
  • If we can meet in person, meetings will also include dinner (usually at PJ’s restaurant)!

Now accepting applications for 2022-23! Email with a short note explaining your interest in the program and your résumé. Deadline: Monday, April 25. Finalists will be invited to interview for board positions.

“Smiley Professional Events were the most beneficial professional development activities throughout my college career. I realized the importance of networking and stepping outside of my comfort zone.”
Mikkalyn HafnerMajors: Management; marketing
“I just got my formal job offer and will be starting training in a couple of weeks. Without the networking event that was held this past semester I’m not sure that this opportunity would have been available to me. The ability to network and put a face to a name is powerful thing, especially when initially looking for employment.”
“I really enjoyed the Women in Business lunch, it gave me a chance to network with successful women. I received business cards from a handful of women who said they would be glad to sit down with me and give me some advice.”
“Before I attended the Exploring Grad School Options event, the thought of applying to grad school was daunting and a bit overwhelming, but now I feel much more comfortable with the idea and process.”
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Pro Events FAQs

Professional Pointer Events has undergone a name change and is now known as Smiley Professional Events. Either way, we are still Pro Events!

Pro Events connect you to:

  • Campus (e.g., academic coaching, student clubs)
  • Community (e.g., Rotary, Business Council)
  • Careers (e.g., internships, networking)

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of speakers, workshops and special events. With more than 300 events per year on the Pro Events calendar, you will have significant flexibility in selecting your events. Whatever you choose, Pro Events will help you to make the most out of your time as a student and to prepare for transitioning into a successful career.

Check the online Pro Events Calendar for upcoming Pro Events.

Absolutely! Even if you are not currently taking a class that requires events attendance, please come to as many events as you can.

Classes requiring Pro Events typically require two events per semester; at least one of those events must be before the mid-semester cut-off (for fall 2022, the cut-off is Oct. 28). Check your course syllabi or the Pro Events website to see which classes require Pro Events attendance.

Business 100 students are required to attend 6 Pro Events per semester.

Go to and click on GUEST in the top right corner of the page to log in with your UWSP email and password. Once you are logged in, you can click on the “Credits” tab to see your current core courses, attended events and earned Events credits.

First, check the “Past Events” tab at the bottom of to see if attendance has been entered for the event. If attendance HAS been entered, then please send a detailed email to

No, sorry—no double-dipping!

If the event is on the event calendar, it counts for credit.

You may earn Pro Events credits in many different ways:

  • “Attending” live Zoom events; attendance will be taken at the end of the event.
  • Attending in-person events.  If the event is on campus, attendance will be taken at the end of the event.  If the event is off campus, you’ll need to obtain a signature (see “attendance documentation” below) and then submit a request for credit.
  • For maximum schedule flexibility, check out the Anderson Center Canvas page for details on Create Your Own events and Lunch with a Leader.

Starting fall 2022, only students registered for 100% online or branch-campus classes will have access to Pro Events recordings. The number of videos available will be pro-rated based on the number of such courses in which you are enrolled. Video events must be completed one week before the general Pro Events cut-offs. For fall 2022, the video deadlines are Oct. 21 for the first half-semester and Dec. 9 for the second half-semester.

Attendance Documentation is a form that a student needs to fill out and return to recognize a student attended an event. They must return it to receive Pro Events credit. You will find these forms attached on any event requiring the form on the Pro Events Calendar.   You can also find Attendance Documentation forms on the Anderson Canvas page or go to the Pro Events Info page and look for Attendance Forms on the right-hand side.

Pro Credit is usually entered a week after the event. Please be patient, and if any issues occur please email

Possibly! If you are attending a conference or lecture and you think it will have useful professional content, email us at to ask about possible Events credit.

Yes, many club meetings count as Pro Events, including Accounting Club, Entrepreneurship Club, FLA (Financial Literacy Association), NSLS (National Society of Leadership & Success), I-Club (International), Professional Speaking & Leadership (Toastmasters), Rotaract (part of Rotary International) and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).

No, to receive full credit, you needed to attend your first event for each core course before the mid-semester cut-off. Fall 2022 mid-semester cutoff date is Oct. 28; deadline for online video events in the first half-semester is Oct. 21.

Events Program History

The events program in the UW-Stevens Point School of Business and Economics has evolved through the years and in 2019, the program was named in honor of Mark and Julie Smiley. Smiley Professional Events is housed out of the Anderson Classroom to Career (C2C) Center in 128 CPS.
Smileys Scholarship

Mark and Julie Smiley

Mark and Julie Smiley met while attending UW-Stevens Point in the early 1980s. Mark is a 1985 business administration alumnus and Julie is 1987 communication alumna. Since their time at UWSP, the Smileys settled in Baraboo and founded a manufacturing company headquartered in Port Washington called Badger Paperboard Inc., which continues to grow and expand to new locations throughout the U.S. Mark and Julie also raised a daughter and a son, both of whom now take active leadership roles in the family business. Mark traveled back to Stevens Point to participate in an School of Business and Economics (SBE) alumni panel discussion in 2014 as part of what is now known as the Smiley Professional Events. Since that time, Mark and Julie have established two UWSP scholarships in business and communication as well as a program fund to support a variety of SBE student opportunities such as soft skill development and professional preparedness workshops and dinners, peer-to-peer financial coaching and professional organization membership.

Plans began in spring 2010 as faculty in the School of Business and Economics wanted to strengthen our school’s student culture in two key areas:
  • Professionalism: our students should be developing habits and appreciation of lifelong learning and community involvement.
  • Career preparation: our students should be building skills for job searches, networking and interviewing.
The basic structure of the SBE Events program was developed during a summer 2010 Market Research class taught by Prof. Elizabeth Martin. Prof. Martin challenged her students to answer the question: if you could design the ideal extra-curricular events program, what would that look like?
The class was divided into four teams; each team worked on different angles of the problem and reported back regularly to the full class. The teams began with open-ended, exploratory research questions. They interviewed relevant “experts,” such as faculty, staff and select students, and scanned the environment to see what other schools were offering with respect to extra-curricular activities. The student researchers wrapped up their projects with focus groups of fellow students and a small survey.
Using many of the findings discovered by the student researchers, the SBE Events program was launched in fall 2010. Some of the many ways the student research helped shape the SBE Events program include:
  • Since students often don’t read email, it’s important to also have SBE Events info posted online and mentioned by professors in class.
  • Students are busy and need to see immediate rewards for how they spend their time. Hence, SBE students can earn credits in their core classes by attending events and do not have to also complete written assignments about the events.
  • Students have a wide range of career goals and preparation levels. Having many different SBE Events allows students to customize their professional development.
  • Students enjoy hearing not just from successful, seasoned professionals but also from fellow students and recent graduates. SBE Events programming therefore has a strong student and recent alum component.
Since its launch in fall 2010, the Smiley Professional Events program has grown to include more students and a greater variety of programming. There’s always something new happening!