​​How to edit your faculty/staff list page

This tutorial will show you how to update the information and photos on your faculty/staff list page.​

To edit the information on a faculty/staff list page you don't edit the page itself. The photos are stored in a picture library and all of the associated information like name, phone number, and office is stored along with the photo. A script on the page reads all the information from the picture library and writes it out on the page. We need to go to the library itself to edit the faculty and staff information

Find the picture library

Go to the gear menu in the upper right and select "Site contents". The picture library you're looking for will probably be called "Faculty and Staff".
Faculty and Staff image library​​

Click on it and you'll see a tiled view of all the images in the library.


Edit information

Find the photo of the person whose information you want to edit. Click on the photo to go to a detailed view showing all of their information.

Click on the Edit Item button in the ribbon menu.

faculty picture library detail view

Scroll down below the photo and you'll find a form containing all of the information associated with that photo. Update whatever information needs to be changed and save the entry. There's a save button at the bottom of the page and up in the ribbon menu.
the faculty information form
The information is now updated on the site's faculty/staff list page.

Replace an existing photo

To update the photo of someone already in your picture library take the new photo and change the file name so that it matches the old picture's file name.

To upload your new image to the image library click the "new document" icon.

A file upload window will pop up, click "Browse..." to find the file you want to upload. Make sure that Overwrite existing files is checked. before you upload the image
upload box with overwrite image checked
You can also drag and drop a file into the library as if it was an explorer window. Just click and hold on to the icon for the image and pull it over to the library.

On the next screen check to see that all of the information is correct and hit save.

Add a new person

To add someone new upload a photo for them. Click the upload button in the image library.

You'll get a standard upload dialog box. Once the photo is uploaded you're shown a screen where you can fill in information asssociated with the photo. The information that will display on the faculty list page starts with the prefix field. Fill in the person's information and click save.

Delete a person

To delete someone from a Faculty/Staff image library check the checkbox​​​​​​​ associated with the image (mouseover the image and then click the checkbox in the lower left corner of the image). Checked images will have a thick purple line around them.


Then go to the files ribbon menu and select delete.
delete button
You'll get the standard Are you sure? pop-up box, click OK to delete the image and its associated information.​

​​​How to Create and Maintain a Faculty Page

To add a faculty list to your site, you will need to create a Faculty List Picture Library in Sharepoint. To do this, first navigate to "Site Actions" then "View All Site Content".


On the View All Site Content page, click on "Create" just below the UWSP logo.


On the Create Page, you will be given a list of libraries to create. Select "Faculty Staff Image Library".


You will be asked to change the settings of the new Faculty Image Library before it is created. Change the name to "Faculty List" or any other name that you will recognize easily. You don't need to change any of the other options on this page.


Once you create the Faculty List, you will need to enable some of the information that is displayed on the web part. ​In the upper right corner of the list you just created, click the drop-down menu next to "View:". Next, select "Modify this View".


You will see a large list of check boxes in the "Columns" section. most of the information you need is likely already checked, but you may have to check "First Name" and "Last Name". Before submitting your changes, be sure to also check the "Sort" section and change the value of "First sort by the column" to Last Name. This will sort your faculty list on your website by the last name of the faculty member.


You will be taken to a page to add the faculty members' photo. Browse until you find their photo, then click "OK".