​Site Contents Menu and Standard Site Components

Tutorial Text

One of the buttons you'll be using a lot in the Site Actions menu is Site Contents

It takes you to an administrative view of the website displaying all of the libraries, site assets, and sub-sites associated with your website.​

image of the site content page

Let's go through the page.


Lists, Libraries, and other Apps


The first thing listed under "Lists, Libraries, and other Apps" is a purple hexagonal icon button called "add an app". Clicking on this takes you to a page where you can create new custom lists, document libraries, image libraries, calendars, and more. "Apps" is Microsoft's catch-all name for lists and libraries, this is new with SharePoint 2013.

After the "add an app" button, all of the site's lists and libraries are shown in a tile format organized alphabetically by name.

Standard Lists and Libraries

There are several lists and libraries that almost every site has, here's an overview of them.

document library icon

Documents - If you have any Word Documents, pdf files, Excel files, or similar documents for your website, you should store them here. If you have a very large amount of documents you may find it useful to store the documents in multiple document libraries. This one document library "documents" is created by default when the site is created, but you can create more by clicking on the add an app button.

images library icon

Images - This is where you should store most of the images for your site.

pages library icon

Pages - This is the library where all the webpages for your site are stored.

site assets library icon

Site Assets - This library contains site assets such as any CSS, scripts, or xsl used on the site.

embedded content list icon

Embedded Content List - This contents of this list will be written into an invisible div at the bottom of every page on your website. This is used to put scripts on every page of your site.

faculty and staff library icon

Faculty and Staff image library - This library contains the images and information used in the sites faculty and staff information page.

navigation link list icon

Site Navigation - This list contains the information for the links in the left side of the page.

footer content list icon

Footer - This list contains the information in the footer of each site.

social media link list icon

Social Media Icons - This list allows you to easily maintain the social media links at the bottom of every page on your website.

To learn more about libraries see the document library tutorial.

To learn more about lists see the tutorial Working with Lists.


At the bottom of the site contents page is the subsite section. Here will be listed the subsites of the current site, if there are any, and a button to create a new subsite.