How to Edit the​ (Left Side) Site Navigation

This​ tutorial describ​es how to edit your Site Navigation.

  1. Go to the top right of your screen, click the gear icon , and then select Site contents.

  2. On the site contents page click on Site Navigation.

  3. To add links, click onNew Item. To edit existing links, click on the navigation link that you wish to edit and then click on the Edit Item button at the top of the window.

  4. A new window will pop up with the properties of the link that can be edited, such as the text being displayed and the address being linked.

    The form has the following fields:

    1. Title - ignore this, it isn't used

    2. URL - This has two fields, Web Address and Description. In the Web Address field put the URL of the page that you want to link to. In the Description field put a description of the link, which could be as simple as the text you want to display for the link, this however is not the field for the link text. If you neglect to fill in this field SharePoint will automatically copy the URL from the Web Address field into it.

    3. Text* - This is the field where you put the text that you want to display for the link on your site navigation.

    4. Link Type - This drop-down has three choices, Heading is selected by default.

      1. Heading: This will create a link on it's own. If you place an Item below this link type in your Site Navigation List, it will turn into a drop-down menu that the user needs to open manually.

      2. Auto-Expanded Heading: This will create a drop down menu in your navigation that is automatically open when the page is viewed in the browser.

      3. Item​: This link type is used for drop down menus and will create a link below an Auto-Expanded Heading or a Heading.
        Navigation Options

    5. Options - Check the checkboxes to activate the option.
      • "Open link in new window" will open the link in a new browser window or browser tab. This is most commonly used when the navigation item is linking to a file like a PDF or Word Document, or when linking to a webpage outside of

      • "Do not display link on mobile" - This option hides the link when the user is using a mobile device with a smaller screen. The only reason you would want to select this is if the content you are linking to wouldn't work, or work well on mobile. Something like a huge soreadsheet would be a good example of this.

Once you are finished adding your links to the SiteNavigation list, you may need to change the order of your links. To do this, click on any link in your Site Navigation list then select the "change item order" button on the ribbon.

A window will pop up with your list of links in a numbered order. Change the numbers until the links are in the desired order, then click "OK". Your navigation is now ready to be used.