Creating a ​Calendar:​ 

  1. Once you are logged into SharePo​int, click on “Site Actions” then “More Options…” 
  2. Under the "Trackin​g​" colum​n, click on "Calendar". On the next page, give the calendar a title. In this tutorial, it is simply named "Calendar". Once you’ve named it, click on “Create”. 

  3. Your calendar has been created. After you click on "Create", the browser will redirect you to the calendar. 

Adding an Event t​​o the C​​alendar: 

  1. From the "Calendar Tools" tab on the ribbon, click "Events" then "New Event". 

  2. Fill out the pop-up form with the necessary information for the event. Once you are finished, click “Save”. The new event will now be added to the calendar. 

  3. NOTE: You can also add an event by hovering over the day you would like to add it to and wait for the “+Add” icon to appear. Once it appears, click on it and fill out the information in the pop-up and click “Save”. 

View/Edit a​​n Event: 

  1. Click on the title of the event. In the example above, we clicked on “Bake Sale”. 
  2. A pop-up like the one below will open up and display the information about the event.

  3. To edit the event, click on “Edit Item” in the top left hand corner of the pop-up. The fields will now be editable. Once you are finished changing the event details, click “Save”.

To Delete an Eve​​nt: 

  1. Click on the title of the ​​event. In our example, we clicked on “Bake Sale”. 
  2. In the “Manage” tab on the ribbon, click ​“Delete Item”. A window will prompt you to confirm delete. Click OK if you wish to continue. Otherwise, click cancel. ​ 

Adding a Ca​lendar as​​ a Web Part to a Page:

  1. Go to the page that you would like to put the calendar on. Make sure you are logged in and in edit mode (Site Actions -> Edit Page) 
  2. Decide which zone you would like to put the calendar. In this tutorial, we’ll use the “Top” zone.​​ Click on “Add a Web Part” in the zone of your choice. 
  3. The Web Parts menu will open. Select your calendar and click “Add”. 

  4. Note: I named my calendar “Calendar”. If you named yours something else, it will be listed under that name. 

  5. Your calendar is now successfully displayed on your page. ​​ ​​