​Embedded Content

With the embedded content list you can add scripts to your website that will automatically be placed on every page of your website.

Create the List

If your​ site doesn't already have an embedded content list you'll need to create one.

  1. Go the the Site Actions menu and select View All Site Content

    picture of the Site Actions menu
  2. Click on the create button at the top of the page
    image of create button
  3. Select the list template called Embedded Content. Name the list "Embedded Content" and click Create.

The Embedded Content list is automatically included in each page on your site.

Add a script

Each script that you want to add to every page in your site can be added as another item in the embedded content list. You can reference a js file, or type the script directly into the Embedded Content list.

Enter a script directly

Let's say you really want to annoy your users and create an alert window that says "Howdy!" every time the user visits any page on your site. You just need to add a new entry to the embedded script list. In the input form put your code in the field labeled Embedded Content. Ignore the Title field, it doesn't do anything.

Embedded Content list item entry form

Your alert box will now appear on every page in your site.

Scripts in the embedded content list are run immediately after page load, but before the left side navigation is loaded.

image of an alert box window

Seriously though, don't add an alert box to every page, that would be a profoundly bad user experience and very very annoying.

Link to a script

To link to a script file put your script link code in as an entry in the list.

The scripts in your js file will now be on every page in your site.​