How to create a folder inside of a library

This tutorial will explain how to create a folder inside of any of your pages library or a document library.

  1. Select "View all Site Content" from the Site Actions menu and go to the library you want to create the folder in.

  2. In the ribbon menu at the top of the page go to the Documents tab in the Library Tools menu. Click on the New Folder button.
    The create a folder button in the ribbon menu

  3. A window will pop up asking you to name the folder. If the name you want contains any spaces replace the space with a dash.
    name the folder window
    If your file or folder name contains multiple words you should always use a dash to separate the words instead of a space, running the words together, camel case, or an underscore. A dash is the most readable in a variety of different situations and is the best for SEO.

  4. Click Save and your folder is created inside of your library.
    the folder is created in the library