​How to Create a New Page

  1. Navigate​ to the site you would like to add the page to. For example, below is the URL​ to the page you are viewing now. To create this page, I navigated to the portion of the URL that is in bold: http://www.uwsp.edu/web/Pages/create-a-new-page.aspx​

  2. Go to the site you wish to add a page to, and click on "Site Actions" -> "New Page".​
    Photo of the location of "New Page" in the Site Actions menu

  3. An "Add a page" window will pop up. Here you will choose the name of the page. SharePoint automatically converts spaces in the name to dashes, so if you named the page "Contact Us", the file name for this page would be: Contact-Us.aspx
    Photo of a New Page name window

  4. Once created, you will be taken to the new page in editing mode.