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Center for Business and Economic Insight (CBEI) Kevin Bahr

Delivering Insight for the Central Wisconsin Region

The UW-Stevens Point Center for Business and Economic Insight (CBEI) promotes regional economic and community development through the provision of applied business and economic knowledge to the citizens of Portage, Marathon and Wood counties. The CBEI aims to be an indispensable source of expertise for local business, governmental and community leaders.
Center for Business and Economic Insight

Special Event

John List ’92

University of Chicago professor of economics, Walmart chief economist and UW-Stevens Point Distinguished Alumnus John List ’92 returned to campus March 3-4 to speak about his experiences of scaling great ideas and shared stories from the White House and Chicago Heights schools to Uber and Lift.
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Most recent publication – Q1 2022

This report includes Central Wisconsin Economic Indicators by Scott Wallace, Ph.D. In The U.S. Economy: The Myths vs. The Realities, Chief Analyst Kevin Bahr provides much needed context in creating a more nuanced account of our current economic conditions. The special report, Sustainability: Our Pathway to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion by Bo Dedeker (assistant professor of accounting), Brianna Burke (career development coordinator), and Alex Garcia (accounting major) addresses the critical importance of sustainability for both our planet and society and describes the important role that businesses, government, and universities can play in meeting sustainability goals. This issue’s Insight Spotlight column, The Growing Trend to Overcome the Labor Shortage, features Christopher Spranger, CEO of Spranger Business Solutions, describing how the adoption of Lean Six Sigma practices can help companies dramatically improve efficiencies in production and help relieve the current labor shortage problem.

CBEI Central Wisconsin Spring 2022 Report

Our Staff

Scott Wallace

Scott Wallace

  • Director – Center for the Business and Economic Insight
  • Professor – Economics
Kevin Bahr

Kevin Bahr

  • Professor – Finance
  • Chief Analyst – Center for Business and Econonmic Insight
Head Shot

Alexis Flaten

  • Senior Research Assistant – Center for Business and Economic Insight
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Kyle Pulvermacher

  • Research Assistant – Center for Business and Economic Insight

CBEI History

The CBEI represents a recent outgrowth of the Central Wisconsin Economic Research Bureau (CWERB) which was founded in 1983. In addition to economic analysis, the CBEI will seeks to foster prosperity by being a source of applied business knowledge for our regional constituents. The CBEI is a non-profit organization whose operating budget comes from the UWSP School of Business and Economics. Building on that tradition of service to the Central Wisconsin region, we changed our name to the UW-Stevens Point Center for Business and Economic Insight (CBEI) in 2019 to reflect a broader vision and expansion of activities.

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