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UVM Professional Certificate

The UVM Professional Certificate is an applied comprehensive professional training certificate that will develop your abilities to plan and manage sustainable UVM programs. The certificate features three online courses that cover the understanding and application of industry best practices in regulation compliance, stakeholder communications, budgeting, procurement processing, risk assessment, and safety program management.



UVM Compliance and Stakeholder Management

Sept. 9-Nov. 17, 2024

The UVM industry is guided by a spectrum of governing authorities. From international legal requirements to internal standard operating procedures, compliance carries various levels of risk and liability. Stakeholders play an important role in the development of your UVM program plan and impact the way you will implement and manage that program. Communication and documentation are key. This 10-week course will provide you with a hands-on approach to evaluate and improve your organization’s compliance management and stakeholder communication processes. Registration fee: $1,050. 


UVM Scope, Cost, and Procurement Management

Sept. 9-Nov. 17, 2024

Successfully completing your UVM program in a safe, compliant, efficient, and fiscally responsible manner starts with an accurate evaluation of the scope of work to be completed. This workload evaluation will be key to your success in scheduling, budgeting, and procuring the appropriate resources to meet the needs of your program or project. In this 10-week course, you will examine best practices related to typical tree work inventories, maintenance cycles, budgets, contracts, and work crew configurations. Registration fee: $1,050


UVM Safety, Risk, and Quality Management

Sept. 9-Nov. 17, 2024

Managing safety, risks, and quality is embedded throughout any quality UVM program and project. Managers must consider all aspects of safety and risk for the electrical system, for the worker, for the public, and for the environment. Safety management can be planned and adopted as workplace culture. In this 10-week course, you will practice management tools and techniques to ensure your program meets the challenges of today’s complex work environments and is aligned with best practices and ROW stewardship. Registration fee: $1,050

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There are required and optional textbooks and resources for UVM courses; however, many are used throughout the entire program and only need to be purchased once.

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The Wisconsin Forestry Center is proud to partner with the Utility Arborist Association and the Utility Vegetation Management Association to provide the Utility Vegetation Management certificate and credential preparation programs.


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