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Green Side Up

Season 4 | Episode 6 | July 1, 2023

It seems that every young forester may have heard the old adage “green side up” tossed at us half-jokingly while learning to plant our first tree seedlings, almost as if to say “don’t overthink this one kid.” As experienced foresters we soon learn that achieving tree planting success is a whole lot more complicated. There are critical variables from stock type to site preparation to planting technique. If the world is going to get the trillion tree initiative right, all of these variables must be addressed. And there may be no group of professionals who know these variables better than forest nursery managers.  Join us on this episode of SilviCast as we dig into the knowledge base of the Wisconsin DNR Reforestation Program staff.




Jeremiah Auer

Regeneration Specialist, Wisconsin DNR

Jeremiah started life as a Waupaca County farm boy, milking cows, spreading manure and filling silos until he attended UW-Stevens Point to study natural resources. Eventually, he found himself employed as a forester with WDNR in 2002. Initially a private land forester in Wood County, he was stationed in Antigo and worked as the liaison forester to the 132,000+ acre Langlade County Forest. After four years, he transferred back to central Wisconsin to work at Griffith State Nursery and was the assistant manager there until 2015 when he took on the challenge of his current role. At this point, he enjoys the challenge of racing critters to gather tree seeds, traipsing through a newly planted plantation to discover its secrets, and working with private and public lands folks interested in growing little seeds into big trees. It’s perhaps his penance for years spent slinging orange paint on the boles of unsuspecting pine and hardwoods.

Roger Bohringer

Assistant Manager, Wilson State Nursery

Roger Bohringer is the Assistant Nursery Manager, tasked with managing the day to day operations at Wilson State Nursery in Boscobel, Wisconsin. Prior to his current duties, he spent several summers in the field all across Wisconsin, looking at new plantings as part of the program’s reforestation monitoring efforts. Roger grew up in the southwest Wisconsin town of Cassville, a two minute walk away from the mighty Mississippi River, and earned a degree in field biology from UW-Platteville in 1992. After graduation he did various LTE stints in Fisheries and Wildlife before falling into Forestry fulltime when he accepted a technician job at Wilson Nursery in the fall of 1998. It was a good fit, and he’s been there ever since. ​

Joe Vande Hay

Reforestation Team Leader, Wisconsin DNR

Joe is the Reforestation Team Leader/Nursery Superintendent with the Wisconsin​ DNR at the F.G. Wilson State Nursery in Boscobel. He​ has been the nursery superintendent since 1998 and Reforestation Team Leader since 2016. Before working for the Wisconsin DNR, Joe was the Tree Improvement Superintendent for the Oklahoma Division of Forestry.​​

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