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Connect with employers, learn about the next steps to attend college and eat a delicious lunch during the 2024 Career Exploration Day at UW-Stevens Point at Wausau. Students will participate in hands-on experiences with businesses in the Central Wisconsin community. Whether you are a good trivia player or just interested in learning about the career clusters – there is something for everyone! We look forward to seeing you there!

A flowerbed in the shape of U.W.S.P. with students sitting in front of it.
Student ambassadors smiling and taking a selfie together.
Wausau main campus exterior building.
Overview of the west entrance building in the summertime.


Admission Presentation – “Finding the Right College Fit” Auditorium room #133

11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. session

  • Lakeland Union
  • Elcho HS
  • Mercer HS
  • Bowler HS
  • Rhinelander HS
  • Gilman HS

12:30 to 1 p.m. session

  • Marathon HS
  • Faith Christian Academy HS
  • Tomahawk HS
  • Newman Catholic HS

1:30 to 2 p.m. session

  • Home school groups
  • Rural Virtual Academy
Registration for Career Exploration 2024


Thank you for agreeing to be a part of Career Exploration Day on the campus of UW-Stevens Point at Wausau on Feb. 23 (inclement weather date is scheduled for March 8). We are grateful for your time and expertise and offer this guide to the day’s logistics.


Our event will be held in our main academic building (518 S. 7th Ave., Wausau, WI 54401) and in our Center for Civic Engagement building (625 Stewart Ave., Wausau, WI 54401).

A “career cluster” has been assigned to each of our larger spaces in these buildings, with a 6’ table (size may vary) provided for each employer / higher ed provider in the cluster. See the map, which will be provided in hard copy when you arrive and to all students.

We are expecting 700+ high school students. This number does not include students who are currently enrolled on our campus; they have been invited as well.

  • WI Valley Lutheran (15 students)
  • Faith Christian Academy (44 students)
  • Bowler HS (20 students)
  • Wittenberg-Birnamwood HS (88 students)
  • Tomahawk HS (80-90 students)
  • Marathon HS (50-75 students)
  • Lakeland Union HS (75 students)
  • Elcho HS (35-40 students)
  • Newman Catholic HS (23 students)
  • Mercer HS (42 students)
  • White Lake HS (40 students)
  • Tigerton HS (30-40 students)
  • Mosinee HS (60-75 students)
  • Prentice HS (30 students)
  • Rural Virtual Academy (15 students)

  • swag or giveaways for students
  • extension cord (if using an outlet)
  • tablecloth (if desired)
  • any hands-on activity materials
  • displays
  • business cards
  • contact information cards
  • brochures or other promotional materials

We anticipate some congestion when the buses arrive (as early as 11 a.m.). We advise that you arrive with enough time so that you can get settled in before 11 a.m.

Prior to arrival, you should consult the map of the event’s layout to know your cluster’s building location. Here, too, is a map of our building and parking lot locations. Note that S. 7th Ave. will be closed to all traffic for the day.

  • If your cluster is in the main academic building (see attached map):
    • Parking: Park in Marathon
      • Unloading/loading: To unload large items, enter campus through Lot G (via S. 6th ) and cross S. 7th Ave. to park temporarily in Lot C at the main academic building’s East entrance.
      • Student Ambassadors will meet you at the East entrance to guide you to your cluster location; carts will be available.
    • Check in: Check in at the table set up at the East entrance to the main academic
  • If your cluster is in the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) (see attached map):
    • Enter campus at S. 6th
    • Parking: park in Marathon Park or on S. 6th Busses will be dropping off and parking in Lot G, so we cannot offer parking there.
      • Unloading/loading: To unload large items, park temporarily in Lot G (on right on S. 6th ).
      • Student Ambassadors will meet you at the CCE’s South entrance to guide you to your cluster location; carts will be available.
    • Check in: Check in at the table set up at the South entrance to the

If you will be bringing a trailer or oversized vehicle to Career Exploration Day, please contact Janette Baumann or 715-261-6221 for parking information.

If schools are closed due to severe weather conditions, participants will be notified by Lynn Lasee of the UWSP-Wausau Solution Center ( or 715-261-6235).

We realize that creating a hands-on activity will be easier for some participants than others. In general, we hope each booth can provide something tactile or interactive. The following list is intended to spark ideas.

Specific examples of hands-on activities:

  • Quiz games or trivia relevant to your career area, 3 or 4 questions will be enough to start a conversation
  • 4 or 5 Rules for Good Customer Service
  • 4 or 5 Rules for Food Safety
  • Display of industry items (designs, models, things fabricated)
  • Measuring
  • Taking blood pressure
  • Reading a blueprint
  • Reading an X-Ray
  • Laws, sentencing criteria
  • Interrogation or interview techniques demonstration
  • How you use data
  • Wrapping a wound or sprain
  • Specific computer program demonstration (CAD/CAM)
  • Identification of specimens (fish, animal, and tree species)
  • Medical slides
  • Interest calculations

Our hope is that our Career Exploration Day will be a mutually beneficial experience and the last thing we want is to make more work for you. If these suggestions have not sparked ideas, please contact Janette Baumann or 715-261-6221, and she will help you think of another approach. We look forward to seeing you!