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As a first-year student, you will experience a life-changing moment when you step foot onto the UW-Stevens Point campus. Be ready to transform. Find your passion. And most importantly find your purpose. Are you ready to take that step? We are here to help you get started.

Admission Criteria:

Admission to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is competitive. All applications are reviewed on an individual basis, with both academic and non-academic factors considered. We give strong consideration to applicants with successful academic backgrounds who have also demonstrated achievement outside the classroom. Freshman applicants are considered based on the following factors:

1. Graduation from a recognized high school or equivalent

2. High School Academic Unit Requirements

​Courses Minimum Required ​Recommended
​English ​4 years
​4 years
​3 years
​4 years
​Social Science ​3 years ​4 years
​Natural Science ​3 years ​4 years
​Foreign Language ​None
​2-4 years
​Electives* ​4 years ​4 years

Click here for information regarding acceptable high school courses 
or see the Introduction to the University of Wisconsin System which is available in most high school guidance offices. * Excludes physical education, driver education, cooperative education, English as a second language, remedial (in all areas of study) and exceptional education courses.

3. Academic Factors

Primary emphasis is placed on academic factors, including the following:
  • Class rank
  • Test scores – ACT or SAT
  • Cumulative high school grade point average (GPA)
  • Rigor of high school courses
  • Trend in grades in academic courses over time
Non-Academic Factors
In addition to academic achievement, the following non-academic factors are considered: demonstrated leadership; involvement through work experience, extracurricular activities, and volunteerism; personal characteristics and accomplishments including special talents and abilities, honors, awards and personal qualities; diversity in background and experience; and life circumstances. While non-academic factors are considered, they will not necessarily make an applicant with a weak academic background a strong candidate for admission.

Profile of Admitted New First-Year Students

UW-Stevens Point incoming first-year class
Average ACT score: 23
Average high school GPA: 3.3
The following chart provides information that will help you assess the likelihood of admission based on class rank and ACT alone. Though this chart may provide you with a general picture, please note that your likelihood of admission will also be affected by the other admission criteria listed above. Applicants from schools that do not provide class rank should review the Profile of Admitted Freshmen section above.
ACT Score​
​​Class Rank – Percentile
99-75 74-60 59-50 49-40 ​Under 40
​30-36 ​99% ​99% ​99% ​75% ​Varies
​27-29 ​99% ​99% 99%​ 60%​ ​Varies
​24-26 ​99% 99%​ ​99% ​Varies ​Varies​
​21-23 ​99% ​95% ​90% ​Varies ​Varies
​18-20 ​99% ​85% ​40% ​Varies ​Varies
​Under 18 ​85% ​Varies ​Varies ​Varies ​Varies


  • We encourage all interested applicants to apply for admission.
  • All applications are reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Your financial situation is NOT considered in determining your admission.​
  • Your admission is contingent on successful completion of your senior year schedule as indicated on your application; therefore, you must receive prior approval to make a schedule change.

Congratulations on being admitted to UW-Stevens Point! Check out the following links for information on what comes next and about the resources that will be available to you as a UW-Stevens Point student.​​

New First-Year Students

Helpful Information for All Admitted Students

Advanced Placement, Credit-By-Exam, and Test-Out Opportunities

UW-Stevens Point offers numerous opportunities for earning college credit outside of traditional college classroom instruction.  These opportunities may allow you to graduate sooner than normal or take advantage of additional coursework outside of your major.  If you are a self-learner, have substantial preparation in certain subject matter, or have appropriate life experiences, you are encouraged to pursue one or more of the following opportunities.

Please note: You may count a maximum of 32 credits earned under Advanced Placement (AP), credit-by-exam, and test-out toward the 120 credits required for graduation.  These credits are recorded on your academic record and apply toward graduation.  They are not assigned grades, are not calculated in your grade point average, and are not included in your semester course load.

Incoming New First-Year and Transfer Students: If you have taken AP, IB, or CLEP exams, you will need to have your official score report sent to UW-Stevens Point Office of Admissions and Recruitment to review for possible credit.   Please review the test categories to determine how to send your scores to UW-Stevens Point.

Advanced Placement (AP)

UW-Stevens Point grants credit and advanced placement for scores of 3, 4 and 5 on all AP exams. If you are awarded credit, it will be entered on your permanent record after you enroll at UWSP. Contact your high school or our office for additional details.

Click here to view the UW-Stevens Point Advanced Placement Examination Policy

Sending Your AP Scores to UW-Stevens Point

For students who indicate UW-Stevens Point as a receiving institution when they take the AP examinations in May, we receive the scores in early July.

If you did not request that your scores be sent to us at the time you took the exam, there are three ways to get them to us:

  1. You can bring your official copy of the score report to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. We will make a copy of your score report to keep for our records.
  2. You can request a copy of your scores from your high school.  Please ask them to put the school seal on the copy and mail to:
    Office of Admissions and Recruitment
    2108 Fourth Avenue
    Stevens Point, WI 54481
  3. You can contact AP and have your scores sent to us.  Information on how to do this can be found on the AP website.  The UW-Stevens Point school code is 1919.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP, offered by the College Board, offers general examinations covering broad areas such as humanities, natural science and social science, as well as subject areas such as accounting, biology, American history, and psychology. UW-Stevens Point grants credit for acceptable scores (determined by each department) on many of the CLEP examinations. Credit will be entered on your permanent record after you enroll at UW-Stevens Point. UW-Stevens Point offers CLEP testing through the Testing Services Office. We are an open test center, which means that anyone, not just UW-Stevens Point students, may register to take CLEP exams. For information on exam fees and to make an appointment to take an exam, please contact: Testing Services, Delzell Hall Third Floor, UW-Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI 54481, 715-346-4472.

Click here to view the UW-Stevens Point CLEP Examination Policy

Sending Your CLEP Scores to UW-Stevens Point

If you indicate UW-Stevens Point as a score recipient at the time you took your CLEP exam, your score report will automatically be sent to us.  If you do not indicate UWSP as a score recipient, you will need to request a CLEP transcript.  Instructions for obtaining CLEP transcripts may be found on the CLEP web site.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

UW-Stevens Point awards college credit for scores of 4, 5, 6 or 7 on various higher level (HL) and standard level (SL) International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations. A student must be enrolled in an authorized school to be eligible to sit for IB examinations. Additional credit will be awarded to students who complete the full diploma programme.

Click here to view the UW-Stevens Point International Baccalaureate Policy

Sending Your IB Transcript to UW-Stevens Point

If you indicate UW-Stevens Point as a receiving institution at the time you take your IB examinations, we will automatically receive your IB transcript (usually in August).  If you do not indicate UW-Stevens Point as a transcript recipient, you may request your transcript by following the instructions on the IB web site

Other Credit Earning Alternatives

Prior Learning Assessment

If you have had experiences equivalent to college level learning which relate to coursework at UW-Stevens Point, you may receive college credit for these experiences. For example, you may be eligible to gain academic credit for prior learning from your past employment, volunteer work, publications, or your participation in seminars, workshops, job-related training programs, or military training programs. For further information, see the Prior Learning Assessment page in our catalog or contact Sally Cayan at or 715-346-2764.

Advanced Standing and Retroactive Credit

Some departments administer placement tests when you first enroll. If the test results indicate that you should start at a higher level than the entering freshman course, you may have the opportunity to earn retroactive credit for the course. In foreign language, for example, you can earn up to 16 retroactive credits if you place into 313 and earn a grade of B- or better. Check the departmental listings in our catalog or contact the appropriate department chair for additional information.


You may test out of a number of general education (GEP) courses. When you pass a departmentally approved test in a GEP course, the requirement to enroll in the course is waived. You don’t earn credit when you test out, but the course applies toward fulfillment of that GEP.  For example, if you test out of Communication 101, you satisfy the Communication 101 GEP without enrolling in the course.  See “Test-Out and Credit-by-Exam Policy” under the General Education Program section of our catalog or contact individual departments for more information about their test-out opportunities.

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