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Language Placement Testing

If you plan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, a two-semester sequence of university entry level world language courses (101 and 102) is required. The requirement may be fulfilled with transfer credits from another university, through equivalent coursework, or other language acquisition as demonstrated through a language placement test.

Did you take language classes in high school? Make sure to take the placement test as soon you can upon entering UWSP while the language education is still fresh in your mind. Waiting until junior or senior year to start working on the world language requirement is not recommended. Whether pursuing a BA or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, if you took language classes in high school, take advantage of the placement test upon entering UWSP. That way, if you happen to change your major from a BS to a BA, your placement test will likely help you by satisfying either all or part of the BA language requirement. Additionally, if you need to take both classes, 101 classes are only offered in the fall and 102 classes are only offered in the spring.

If you take the placement exam and test into 211, you fulfill the language requirement.

Retro Credits

Retro credits are illustrated in the table below.  To explain further, if you test into 211 and then take 211 and earn a B- or better in that class, you will earn the four credits for 211 and eight additional credits for the two classes prior to that class (four credits for 101 and four credits for 102) unless you already took those classes at another institution.

Retro credits are applied to your overall graduation total. The higher you place the more retro credits are available provided you successfully earn a B- or better in the class you place into.  If you do not get a B- or better in the class, you will not earn retro credits for the classes below it, but rather course equivalence.

Years of Study in High School French, German, or SpanishUWSP Course Placement*Retro-credits awarded if B- or higher achieved in course
4+313, 314, or 31516
*If a student places into 102, takes 102 and earns a B- or better, than four retro credits will be earned for 101.
AP Score for French, German, or Spanish Language and Culture TestUWSP Course Placement*Retro-credits awarded if B- or higher achieved in course
4314 or 31519
5315 or 300/400 level courses22
*Course Titles:

101 = First semester (language) 
211 = Third semester (language) 
313 = Developing Oral Proficiency
314 = Developing Writing Proficiency
315 = Developing Reading Proficiency

French, German, and Spanish Placement Exams are Available

Placement exams are available in French, German, and Spanish and are administered by the Department of World Languages and Literatures. Both online and paper exams are available and students opting for either should contact the department. 

Students taking the in-person exam will contact the department to set up a time to come in and test, and students taking the online test will contact the department to request directions for online testing.  Students will need their student ID for the in-person test. The in-person tests are graded immediately after students take them, whereas the online test results are not provided until a week or so after testing.

Placement exams may be taken once for each language. 

French is not an available major or minor at UWSP. However, we still want to give students the chance to earn credit for high school language education in French. We offer classes through FREN 211 and may offer 313, 314, and/or 315 depending on enrollment data.

Placement Exams for Other Languages Including American Sign Language and Native American Languages

Testing is available in other world languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, American Sign language, and Native American languages and are available upon request. Placement exams may be taken once for each language. 

Placement exams may be taken once for each language. 

Multilingual Students 

If your native language is not English and you can document formal high school or university study of your native language, then you may use ENGL 101, ENGL 150, and ENGL 202 as a means of fulfilling this world language requirement.