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College of Letters and Science Women’s and Gender Studies Minor Certificate


Women’s, and Gender Studies (WGSS) is an interdisciplinary field of study that draws from the humanities, social sciences, arts, and natural sciences to examine the effects of gender bias and gender codes in society, in scholarship and in lived experience. Students learn to apply an intersectional analysis to social issues, examining how gender biases and codes intersect with and reinforce other axes of inequality, such as race, class, and disability. Students analyze the root structures of systems of oppression, and evaluate the effectiveness of various strategies for creating social change.   

This minor is a great choice for students planning on careers in social services, counseling, human resources, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), and many other career paths.   

The minor consists of 18 credits. Students take WGS 105 (“Introduction to WGS) and five additional classes drawn from a list of interdisciplinary electives. For a list of WGS courses for Fall 2022, click here.

The minor is administered by the School of Humanities and Global Studies. To learn about requirements, visit the Course Catalog.

For more information contact:
Alice Keefe, Professor and Department Chair
Philosophy and Religious Studies

Coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies