Computer Information Systems

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UW-Stevens Point Computer Information Systems graduates at work

  • Lynn Dombrowski ’08Assistant Professor, Human-Centered Computing Department at the School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis
  • Jacob Liebhart ’14IT Help Desk Specialist, First Bank Financial Centre, Oconomowoc, Wis.
  • Renee Haas ’10Senior Web Developer, Marriner Marketing Communications, Columbia, Md.


Phone: 715-346-4409

Choose Computer Information Systems at UW-Stevens Point

​The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point provides rich academic training and practical experience. Computer majors receive training in core computing topics such as computer programming, systems analysis, network administration and database development. Computing is a rapidly developing, ever-changing discipline. We keep our students up to date with the most recent advances and trends by offering valuable electives that cover topics including mobile-application development, parallel programming and advanced .NET.

Career opportunities in Computer Information Systems

​Given all the technology used in the world, computing majors are in demand. Most students have jobs lined up before graduation. A growing number of companies hire students during the summer and school year to give students more computer experience and attract students to permanent jobs after graduation. Starting salaries range from $45,000 to $72,000 annually.

Building your résumé

​The CIS curriculum consists of several core courses that cover the main areas of computing, as well as focus areas, which students can choose depending on their preferences. The CIS curriculum introduces students to concepts in programming, algorithms, databases, Web applications and services. Students learn how to incorporate these into today's networked world by designing and implementing production level computer-based systems. Students develop valuable theoretical knowledge, technical skills and practical experiences as part of their coursework using state of the art tools and technologies in the field. The CIS curriculum also focuses on oral and written communication, time management, teamwork, leadership and project management, logical thinking and problem solving.

Outside the classroom

​The CIS program is well-anchored locally through UW-Stevens Point's relationships with industry partners and organizations in the area. All CIS majors get first-hand, real-life experience by working in the field, developing a computer system for a company or community organization in the Stevens Point area. For example, Sentry Insurance will open an information technology co-op in downtown Stevens Point where UW-Stevens Point students will get experience working with Java and .Net applications while pursuing their degree.

Student support services

​The university's Career Services office is another great resource for students to find internships and summer-employment opportunities. It offers a career-exploration portal and career-planning guides to help students find their career path.