Tuition, Room and Board

A degree at UW-Stevens Point is a quality education that you can afford. Our tuition is one of the lowest in the State of Wisconsin and the Midwest. In addition, students can take advantage of our Text Rental program to save thousands of dollars on their books!

“Being a Pointer is being motivated, prepared, spirited and hard working.”

Brandon Willms
Health Science-Health Care Administration
Port Washington, WI

Undergraduate Students

The basic costs per semester are listed below for undergraduate students studying full time (12-18 credits) at UW-Stevens Point during the 2019-2020 school year. When planning your budget for college, you should also take into account the costs of travel to and from the university and personal expenses such as clothing, laundry, school supplies, phone calls and pizza parties.

Tuition and Fees* Double Room** Board ​Total**
​Wisconsin Resident ​$4,145
$2,250 $1,545
Minnesota Resident ​$4,443
$2,250 $1,545
​MSEP Non-Resident*** $5,719
International & Non-Resident ​$8,497
$2,250 $1,545
Wisconsin Resident
​Tuition and Fees *
​Double Room ** ​$2,130
​Board ​$1,435
​Total ** ​$7,799
Minnesota Resident
​Tuition and Fees *
​Double Room ** ​$2,210
​Board ​$1,435
​Total ** ​$7,969

MSEP Non-Resident
​Tuition and Fees *
​Double Room ** ​$2,210
​Board ​$1,435
​Total ** ​$9,374

​Tuition and Fees *
​Double Room ** ​$2,210
​Board ​$1,435
​Total ** ​$11,933

***Midwest Student Exchange Program for legal residents of Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, or Ohio

* The total cost includes the following segregated fees: the University Center fee, the Student Activity fee, the Text Rental fee, the Student Health fee, the Municipal Services fee, the Health and Wellness fee, and the Green Fund fee.
**Double Room cost listed is the maximum cost option available for students; therefore, the total listed is maximum possible. Actual total semester cost will vary depending on the residential living option chosen by the student. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition and Fee Tables

Graduate Students

Graduate students please refer to the Tuition and Rates, as the cost of attendance varies by program.

Part-Time and Special Students

Part-time (those taking fewer than 12 undergraduate credits or 9 graduate credits) or special students (those not currently seeking a degree) will pay tuition and fees at a varying per-credit rate. Students who are taking more than 18 credits will also pay tuition and fees at a per-credit rate for each credit over 18. Click here for the complete Undergraduate and Graduate Fee Tables.​

Please note that a $195.00 matriculation fee will appear on every new student's first tuition bill.  This fee covers Orientation programming, Convocation, First-Year Experience programming, and Commencement.  This is a one-time fee that will only appear on the first tuition bill. 

Scholarships requiring an application

UW-Stevens Point (main campus) 

We offer additional scholarships that vary in value and requirements. This category includes noteworthy awards for:

  • Out-of-state students
  • Diversity students
  • Student leadership and service
  • Students with a specific major in mind

These scholarships require a separate application that can be found here. For these awards, priority consideration will be given to students who have been admitted and submitted their scholarship application by November 15.

A full listing of these additional awards can be found here.

UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield

The University Foundation of UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield offers merit, non-merit and need-based scholarships to new, continuing and transfer students who have demonstrated qualities of excellence in academics and community service or who have financial need. For the 2019-2020 academic year, the University Foundation awarded scholarships totaling about $40,500.

University Foundation scholarships are funded through the generosity of local individuals, business and foundations.


For a list of scholarships, please contact the student affairs coordinator at 715-384-1717 or Send completed scholarship application by March 1 to:

Solution Center
UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield 
2000 W. 5th St.
Marshfield, WI 54449