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Other Sources and Programs

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Grant

For physically-challenged students, the amount awarded is determined by the Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation based upon information provided by the Financial Aid Office regarding the student's financial need and other aid awarded. Students must apply directly at the district DVR Office. The Financial Aid Office estimates the student's DVR grant eligibility before awarding loans and adjusts the estimate when the final award is made by the DVR office.

Fund for Wisconsin Scholars

Students eligible to receive the Fund for Wisconsin Scholars is based on established criteria, which includes being a Pell Grant recipient for first-time awardees, recently graduating from a public high school and attending a University of Wisconsin (UW) or Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) school full-time. The grants will be awarded to eligible students through a random selection process conducted at the Higher Education Aids Board (HEAB). These grants will be in addition to the state and federal grants that many students are already receiving. The grants are distributed to eligible students through the University of Wisconsin System two- and four-year colleges and the Wisconsin Technical College System schools.

Gift Assistance for Non-Wisconsin Residents

For more information, contact the state’s higher education agency. To find the state agency’s contact information, Click here.

Midwest Student Exchange Program

Students who are residents of a participating state (Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota or Ohio) may apply to attend UWSP at a reduced tuition rate. Visit UWSP Adm​issions to learn more.

Return to Wisconsin

The Return to Wisconsin discount offers a 25% waiver of non-resident tuitions to the daughters, sons and grandchildren of UWSP graduates. Visit UWSP Admissions to learn more.  

UW Academic Excellence Scholarships

Academic Excellence Scholarships are awarded to Wisconsin high school seniors who have the highest grade point average in each public and private high school throughout the state of Wisconsin. For additional information, students should check with their high school guidance office o visit HEAB

Wisconsin Covenant Scholars/Foundation Grants

Wisconsin Covenant Scholars receive a Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant. Those Scholars who demonstrate financial need also receive a Wisconsin Covenant Foundation Grant. The program was created to inspire young people to plan early for a successful high school career that will lead to higher education. Students work toward acceptance as a college Scholar after they sign the Wisconsin Covenant Pledge in eighth grade. The Wisconsin Covenant enrollment period is now over, and, unfortunately, 2011-2012 eighth graders and subsequent classes are ineligible to sign the Pledge due to changes in the 2011/13 state budget.  

WI GI Bill

The WI GI Bill is a tuition waiver for eligible Wisconsin Veterans. To learn more about the eligibility requirements and application process, please see the V​eteran Services webpage.
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