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If you are new to Suzuki, you are embarking on a fantastic journey with your child! 

Responsibilities and Activities


Parent and Child


This handbook is designed to serve as a reference on that journey, whether you are taking your first steps, or you have come to a milestone and need some guidance. It is a compilation of materials collected by ASC faculty over many years. It is divided by topic so that you may easily find information as needed, and so that your teacher may refer you to a particular topic or article that he or she feels might be helpful.

Please do not be tempted to think that, “In order to be a ‘good’ Suzuki parent, I should read every single item right now, and memorize as much as possible!”  It would be easy to be overwhelmed in this way. Learning is a life-long process, and you will be experiencing that process with your child. We hope that you will enjoy the adventure of learning and that you will find this handbook a source of both information and inspiration throughout your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)