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The Neuroscience and Behavior Minor

This interdisciplinary minor integrates brain and behavior research and incorporates coursework in psychology and biology.  The minor serves students who are interested in traditional neuroscience fields, but also those interested in animal behavior, communicative disorders, and healthcare-related fields.

The Neuroscience and Behavior Minor consists of at least 18 credits, including:


  1. Required Courses: Take all of the following:

    PSYC 200: Research Methods in Psychology or HS 360: Research Design for the Health Sciences 
    PSYC 325: Behavioral Neuroscience

  2. Psychology Courses: Choose at least 6 credits from the following: 

    PSYC 290: Psychoactive Drugs and Behavior 
    PSYC 330: Perception 
    PSYC 333: Animal Cognition
    PSYC 375: Learning
    PSYC 377: Evolutionary Psychology
    PSYC 385: Health Psychology
    PSYC 388: Animal Behavior

  3. Biology Courses: Choose at least 6 credits from the following:

BIOL 314: Cell Biology 
BIOL 317: Developmental Biology 
BIOL 381: Animal Physiology
BIOL 382: Endocrinology of Mammals
BIOL 383: Biology of Reproduction
BIOL 385: Human Physiology
BIOL 388: Animal Behavior
BIOL 390: Neurobiology

Note: PSYC 388 and BIOL 388 are two sections of the same team-taught interdisciplinary course and, therefore, may not be counted twice.

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