Minors - Child, Youth & Family Studies

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The child, youth and family studies minor consists of 21 credits. It provides a means to enhance a human development knowledge base for students in other related fields.

The coursework provides students with knowledge and understanding of issues regarding children and their families and emphasizes the importance of family dynamics, resiliency, community wellness and quality of life.

Students can tailor the curriculum to reflect their interests and career goals. 

For more information or to add the minor, contact Becky Konietzki, Academic and Career Advisor, at 715-346-3233 or bkonietzki@uwsp.edu.


Course Title Credits
Human Development 166 The Family: Continuing Concerns 3
Human Development 265 Human Growth and Development: A Life-Span Approach 3
Human Development 367 Family Structure and Interaction
Human Development 372 Family Financial Management (Winter and Summer only)

Select 9 credits from the courses listed below, with no more than 6 credits in any one group.
Course Title Credits
A. Communicative Disorders 266 Normal Language Development


​Human Development 386 ​Family Resource Management (fall only) ​3
B. Early Childhood Education 262 Programs for Children and Families 3
  Early Childhood Education 460 Home, School, Community Agencies 3
  Food and Nutrition 253 Introduction to Nutrition and Nutrient Metabolism 3
  Food and Nutrition 490 Workshop 1-4
  Human Development 466 Guidance of Children and Adolescents (Spring Only)
  Human Development 490
Workshop 1-4
C. FCS 444
Helping Relationships (Spring only) 3
​Human Development 366 ​Families in Cross Cultural Contexts (Fall Only)
​Human Development 397 ​Fieldwork (Diversity Immersion Section) ​3
D. Psychology 240 Psychology of Gender 3
  Psychology 301 Theories of Personality 3
  Psychology 315 The Psychology of Adolescence 3
  Psychology 320 Social Psychology 3
​Psychology 360 ​Behavior & Learning Disorders in Children ​3
E. Sociology 224 Sociology of Childhood 3
  Sociology 225 Sociology of Adolescence 3
  Sociology 343 (NW) Cultural Perspective of Family 3
  Sociology 366 Sociology of Aging 3