Data Analytics

Phone: 715-346-4409 (Department of Computing and; New Media Technologies)
715-346-2728 (School of Business and Economics)

715-346-4409 (Department of Computing and; New Media Technologies)
715-346-2728 (School of Business and Economics);

Phone: 715-346-4409 (Department of Computing and; New Media Technologies)
715-346-2728 (School of Business and Economics)

Choose Data Analytics at UW-Stevens Point

Central Wisconsin employers in retail, manufacturing, health care, agriculture, insurance and software development industries identified a growing data analytics talent gap in the region. ​McKinsey Global Institute predicts by 2018, the United States could face a shortage of up to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills. In addition, a shortfall is projected of 1.5 million managers and analysts with capabilities to use and analyze big data to make effective decisions.

To address these workplace needs, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has launched a new undergraduate degree program in data analytics, beginning fall 2016. The curriculum integrates fields of business, computer science, economics, geography information systems, mathematics and statistics. It will be led by Sentry Insurance Endowed Chairs in Computational Analytics (Department of Computing and New Media Technologies) and Business Analytics (School of Business and Economics).

Career opportunities in Data Analytics

​Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics will be prepared for such jobs as business analyst, business insights analyst, data analyst, data architect, data modeler, junior data scientist and research analyst, among others. Virtually every sector of the economy projects a need for data analysts: insurance, health care, finance, sales, government, information technology, construction, law enforcement, manufacturing, and marketing, among others. We also offer opportunities for students wishing to pursue a master’s degree. The Master of Science in Data Science program is an online collaboration between UW-Stevens Point and our University of Wisconsin System partners.

Building your résumé

Students completing the Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics degree program will demonstrate the following skills:

  • Data Literacy. Demonstrate knowledge of various data types, attributes, sources and organization value. 
  • Data Preparation. Create, collect, automate, extract and harmonize data. 
  • Data Analysis. Use statistics, modeling, visualization and programming and data mining tools to analyze data.
  • Data Communication. Translate analytic outputs for non-technical audiences. Interpret and communicate findings to build market intelligence and drive strategic decision-making.
  • Data Governance. Understand data security, ethics and privacy issues and relevant regulatory and legal issues. 
  • Influence. Develop strategic thinking skills to make or support complex decisions, and deal with ambiguity.
  • Team Participation. Function effectively on multidisciplinary and diverse teams.
  • Curiosity. Cultivate curiosity and pursue continuous learning.
  • Problem Solving. Translate analysis into timely, action-oriented systems thinking, problem-solving and recommendations.

Outside the classroom

Develop the skills you learn in the classroom and expand your network by obtaining an internship. The Department of Computing and New Media Technologies and School of Business and Economics work with leading Central Wisconsin businesses and organizations to offer students internship and work-study opportunities.

We help students find real-world opportunities outside the classroom. Networking, student organizations and School of Business and Economics Events enhance your résumé and open doors with potential employers. Study-abroad internships are also available in international locales ranging from the United Kingdom to China.

Student support services

​The Academic and Career Advising Center maintains satellite locations in the College of Professional Studies and College of Letters and Science to assist students. After three semesters of assistance from these professional advisers, students are advised by faculty and staff in the School of Business and Economics and Department of Computing and New Media Technologies.

The School of Business and Economics boasts a unique peer-advising program that helps set a standard for excellence, pairing students new to SBE with someone who understands the questions and challenges they face. Once accepted into the School of Business and Economics, a student is matched with a faculty adviser who offers the student guidance for course selection, possible internship opportunities and insight on what to expect after graduation.

Interested in learning more about UW-Stevens Point's Data Analytics program? Contact Max Trzebiatowski, advising director for the School of Business and Economics, at 715-346-2695 or