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Discover your purpose in one of our welcoming residence halls. Your campus life experience is important and designed to support your personal growth and academic success. There are a number of ways to get involved while you make Stevens Point your new home. 

Neale Hall Tour Room featuring purple and gold bedding, posters and book materials.



UWSP houses 13 residence halls across campus. Every hall has community kitchens, a computer lab, laundry facilities, study lounges, group meeting rooms, secured mailboxes, and recycling facilities. Each room has a loftable bed (including twin extra-long mattresses), dresser, desk, and closet for each resident.


Residence Halls
Students Live On Campus
Resident Assistants Per Hall
UWSP Residence Hall building on campus - Hansen Hall


A new place to call home

Which one will you choose? We recognize that our residence halls are more than just a place where students sleep, it’s where you will make lifelong friends, create memories, and grow as an individual.
UWSP student sitting in their dorm room reading a book


Create your own personal space

Each traditional residence hall room will provide 2 loftable beds with twin extra-long mattresses, 2 desks and dressers, and ResNet (computer network) connection port.
UWSP Residence Hall building on campus - May Roach


Selecting your new home is a click away

Apply for housing as early as possible. UWSP Housing follows the UW Board of Regents’ live-on requirement. Students are required to live on campus for the first two years after high school.
A male and female student studying at a computer in the lobby.


UWSP Housing follows the UW Board of Regents’ live-on requirement stating all students who are two years or less out of high school to live on campus. 

Themed Community Experiences

Themed Community Experiences

Find your home!

These communities are in collaboration with campus partners. These community experiences offer learning opportunities for students to engage in a variety of activities to connect them to the university and to faculty/staff while providing a living space for students to connect what they are learning inside the classroom to their everyday life.

Members of Themed Communities reside on a floor or wing of a residence hall designated for students that have been accepted to the Community Experience. These community experiences offer a safe, supportive environment for students with similar interests, majors, and/or identities to live in. These environments allow student to make deep social connections by engaging with peers around shared education experiences, and can improve students’ academic success through intentional programming, co-curricular learning experiences, and faculty/staff engagement.

Members of the UWSP Women's Volleyball Team celebrating a score

Athletics Community Experience

The Athletics Community Experience (ACE) is an intentional community that was designed in partnership with the Athletics department to create a space on campus for UWSP athletes to live together and create social connections and encourage academic success through intentional programming and learning experiences.


Actively participate in ACE. This includes:

  • Be a UWSP student athlete
  • Attending programs and events hosted by the Community
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Various special events and/or presentations
  • Offer support, encouragement, and respect to floor members regarding their differing motivations for choose this housing option
  • Participate in ACE in a constructive manner, supporting the environment and success of all its members

IDEA Community

Inclusivity Diversity Equity Accessibility

The IDEA Community was created in partnership with the Queer Resource Center to provide a safe, inclusive, comfortable, and supportive community for LGBTQ+ students and allies. This community is designed to support academic, personal, professional and social success for all who live here.


Actively participate in IDEA. This includes:

  • Attending programs, events, and meetings
  • Attending events hosted by the Queer Resource Center
  • Participating in Diversity and College Access events
  • Offer support, encouragement, and respect to floor members regarding their differing in motivations for choosing this housing option
  • Participate in IDEA in a constructive manner, supporting the environment and success of all its members
  • Students are expected to participate fully and adhere to the expectations set forth by the community
Three UWSP students working in a campus lab

Honors Community Experience

In partnership with the Honors Program, the Honors Community Experience (HCE) was created specifically for students accepted into the UWSP Honors Program. This community is intended to encourage academic success, personal and professional development, as well as a strong connection to campus.


Actively participate in HCE. This includes:

  • Be a UWSP Honors student and remain in good standing with the Honors Program
  • Attend special events, presentations, and meetings
  • Offer support, encouragement, and respect to floor members regarding their differing motivations for choosing this housing option
  • Participate in HCE in a constructive manner, supporting the environment and success of all its members
  • Identify a club organization or campus activity they plan to join by the end of first semester
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A female student taking notes in a hammock on campus.



UW-Stevens Point, as a whole, is at the forefront of sustainability efforts. UWSP Housing is constantly working to improve our environmental impact. There are recycling chutes available to students on each floor of every residence hall. 5 of the residence halls use roof-top solar panels and the Suites@201 received LEED NC-Gold Certification. #SustainablePointer

“Fostering an inclusive environment that provides a safe, accessible, and respectful community”
“Encouraging the holistic development of individuals in their personal and professional endeavors ”
“ Applying innovative thinking and actions to ensure continuous improvement in our halls and programs”
“Caring for our financial and environmental resources in a sustainable manner ”
“Cultivating individuals who are responsible for global citizens”
“Ever striving to provide exceptional service to our students ”
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