FCS Graduate Certification

Program Description

The School of Health Promotion & Human Development at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point offers a graduate-level teaching licensure program in Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) that can also lead to a master's degree in Community & Organizational Leadership or Education.

The program consists of 22-25 credits which can be applied toward progress in one of UWSP's master's degree programs, such as Community & Organizational Leadership or Education. You may be able to earn your master's degree with as few as 9 additional credits beyond the FCS curriculum.

The program can be completed in 18 months.

Who will benefit from the program

The FCS graduate-level certification program will provide opportunities for licensed teachers to add a new license in the area of Family and Consumer Sciences. In addition, people who hold a bachelor's degrees can gain coursework for FCS teacher licensure, in a condensed format.*

The program will provide the opportunity for:
  • Teachers already licensed in a discipline other than Family and Consumer Sciences to gain certification in FCS Education.
  • Licensed teachers to move forward in their PDP while attaining an additional certification.
  • Participants to dovetail required credits with our existing Master's programs in Community and Organizational Leadership and Education.
  • Individuals who hold a non-teaching bachelors degree to gain coursework for FCS teacher licensure, in a condensed format, while completing additional requirements for an initial teaching license. For additional requirements needed by a non-teaching bachelors degree holder interested in this program click here

*Some students may need to take requisite undergraduate courses to qualify for the FCS graduate licensure program.

Program completion

Licensure in Family & Consumer Sciences is available to individuals who have met the following criteria:

  • Possess an undergraduate degree and teaching certification in a discipline other than FCS education or has completed requisite undergraduate courses* necessary to qualify for licensure.
  • Complete all required courses as listed in the course curriculum.
  • Meet minimum overall GPA of 3.0.
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