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Financial Assistance/Assistantships

Qualified students may apply for graduate assistantships that are awarded on a competitive basis. Any student accepted into the program is eligible to apply for an assistantship. In addition to the stipend received by graduate students, non-resident graduate students receiving at least a half-time assistantship are eligible for waiver of non-resident fees.

Additional financial aid opportunities are available to graduate students through scholarships, research grants and student loans. Notices of HPHD graduate scholarships are available in February of each year.

Cost of Study

The cost of study for the online graduate programs is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.

# of Credits​ Extension   ​ ​Extension with Seg Fees
​1 $424.47 ​$532.95
2​ ​$848.94 ​$1059.90
3​ ​$1273.41 ​$1586.85
4​ ​$1697.88 ​$2113.80
5​ ​$2122.35 ​$2640.75
6​ ​$2546.82 ​$3141.45
​7 ​$2971.29 ​$3565.92
​8 ​$3395.76 ​$3990.39
​9 ​$3820.23 ​$4414.86

Cost of Living

Most graduate students live off campus, and their costs vary. UWSP Student Government Association compiles an off-campus housing list of landlords in the Stevens Point area who have properties available for rent.

Upper-class residence halls are available to graduate students. Find general information including costs at the Residential Living website. Several meal plans are available for off-campus students to purchase.

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