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The Student Government Association at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is the shared governance representative of the student body. Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5), corresponding case law, and UW System policy, grants students the right and responsibility to actively participate in the governance of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. UW-Stevens Point has a long, rich, and innovative history of student governance that began in the 1960s.


The Student Government Association is made of three branches of government: the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch. The president and vice president of the Student Government Association oversees the Executive Branch, the speaker of the senate oversees the Legislative Branch and the head justice oversees the Judicial Branch.

Hey Pointers,

My name is Ben Koenig, and I have been given an amazing opportunity to serve as the President for the coming year. I am bursting with excitement for you to join me on campus at UW-Stevens Point this year. I am originally from Waukesha, Wisconsin, about two and a half hours south east of Stevens Point, and I am a junior studying political science and philosophy. Whether this is your first time here, or if you are here on your final semester, welcome home.

This year will be a new vision for our campus. Take advantage of this year and make it your own! Put yourself out there and join a new student organization using SPIN, take a walk through Schmeeckle Reserve, get competitive by joining an Intramurals team, or laugh at a comedy show. Pay attention to all the posters that cover campus and commit to attending just one thing at a time. There is a ton to do. Together, let’s make this year one to remember.

And as always, SGA is here to help you. Please reach out to us—we exist to serve you. And if there is anything I can do for you, whether it be solving a problem on campus, pointing you in the right direction, or just lending a listening ear, please reach out to me at or call me at 715-346-3722.

Today is a great day to be a Pointer,

Benjamin Koenig

2023-2024 Student Body President

Meet your 2023-2024 Student Senators!

College of Letters & Science

Elijah Mahner**

Tobias Bumbard

Graham Zdorowski

Elliot Fey

Sadie Perez

Kalli Mikkonen*

Jacob Staats

College of Professional Studies

Brody Erola

Matt Rogers***

Maverick Delain

Harley Zanon*

Julia DeAngelis

College of Natural Resources

Connor McKenzie*

Trey Koppedryer

Liam Thompson

Makayla Galecki

College of Fine Arts & Communications

No Current Senators

* Denotes Caucus Chairs
** Denotes Speaker Pro Tempore
*** Denotes Speaker of the Senate

Why should I become a Senator?

Becoming a Senator is a great way to get involved with the Student Government Association and make a difference on campus!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a High School Student Council and our Student Government?

  • High School Student Councils typically organize dances, spirit days, and community volunteering.
  • Our University Student Government distributes millions of dollars for student services and activities, lobbies for students’ rights at the local and state level, represents student opinion in major campus initiatives, stands up for student interest by creating and passing campus policies, with the goal of improving lives and experiences for the entire student body.

What is the role of our Student Government Association on campus?

  • Distribute student segregated fees to campus entities to fund student services, events, and activities.
  • Represent students regarding issues of campus policy and practice.
  • Serve as official government representatives for the student body.
  • Work with faculty, staff, and administration to identify issues affecting students and work towards a solution.

What does a Senator do?

  • Attend and participate in the weekly Student Senate (General Assembly) meeting. Traditionally held every Thursday at 6:15 p.m. throughout the academic year, Dreyfus University Center Legacy Room.
  • Attend and participate in at least one University committee, and at least one SGA committee.
  • Write, present, and/or vote on legislation.
  • Seek student input on various issues and concerns. Represent fellow students while voting on campus legislation, approving money allocation, and while planning events.
  • Be knowledgeable about new campus initiatives.
  • Be an active and positive community member on the UWSP campus.

What are committees, and what do they do?

  • Committees are groups of representatives charged with a specific function or an area of oversight.
  • Student Government committees are organized by students to work on issues pertaining to specific facets of campus concerning students.
  • Committee representatives can be students, faculty members, and staff members.
    • While all senators need to be part of a committee, not all student committee members are necessarily senators. Any student can become involved in a committee, contact us if you are interested or just show up.
  • Committees do a variety of things, including:
    • Plan events
    • Research students’ concerns and needs
    • Recommend policy changes
    • Carry forward new and existing initiatives
    • Create legislation

What is a Student at Large? What is a Student Interest Representative (SIR)?

  • Student at Large is any student participating in a committee, but who was not approved for voting rights by senate. We have open meetings; any student may attend and share their opinion.
  • Student Interest Representative (SIR) is a position confirmed by senate. In addition to sharing their opinion, SIRs have voting rights at committee meeting.


Welcome to the home of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Student Government Association Judicial Branch!

Head Justice – Mason Garrigan


  1. President Koenig
  2. Speaker of the Senate Rogers
  3. Executive Director Cronce

6 Appointed Voting Members:

  1. Legislative Affairs Director Rivera-Pacheco
  2. Budget Director DeAngelis
  3. Communications and Public Relations Director Young
  4. Student-at-large Lloyd
  5. Caucus Chair Zanon
  6. Student Health Director Witt

Contact the Head Justice!

Group of SGA members on bowling night


The purpose of our Student Government Association is to represent the interests of students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The Student Government Association works in conjunction with university administration, faculty, staff, fellow students, and student organizations. We also operate within the University of Wisconsin System, and with the Stevens Point community, in order to provide the best possible university environment and educational experience.

Governing Documents

Here you can find all the rules and procedures of the Student Government Association