Service Desk FAQ

 Do I need to bring any special software to school?

We generally recommend you bring any CD's that were included with the purchase of your computer as well as additional software you have currently installed. Bringing along this software will speed up the process of repairing your computer or reinstalling software if needed.  Visit our Computer Purchasing Information page for additional information about software available for purchase and free software provided by UWSP.   Other recommendations for hardware and software can be found on our Personal Computer Recommendations page.

 What are the UWSP suggested computer specifications?

Visit our recommended personal computer configurations page for more information.

 Does the University provide any software for me to use for free?

Yes, UWSP provides current versions of many software applications for student/staff use.  Visit our Software Support page for information about the campus load, software available for home, and UWSP specific application support.

 Are student computer repair services available?

Limited student computer repair services are available through the Information Technology Service Desk.  Visit our repair services page for more information.

 Can I purchase Microsoft Office or other Software from UWSP?

A purchase is not necessary for Microsoft Office.  Students, Faculty and Staff can install Microsoft Office 365 for FREE from the UWSP Office 365 portal at For more information visit our Office 365 FAQ page.

Special pricing and use rights are also available on other software. For more information visit our special pricing on software page.

 Can I purchase a computer from UWSP?

No, however UWSP students and staff are eligible to receive special discounts directly from the companies. Visit our special pricing on hardware page for more information.

 How to find a UWSP computer name?


Windows 10

  1. Log into your UWSP Windows 10 computer and search for "computer name".
  2. In the search results click View your PC name.
  1. Click Start
  2. Right click on Computer
  3. Click on Properties
  4. Scroll down to the section: Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings.
  5. Look for the Full computer name
      Computer Name


  1. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of the display
  2. Click System Preferences
  3. Click Network
  4. Click Advanced
  5. Click the WINS tab. Your computer name is referred to here as the NetBIOS name.

 Can I check out media equipment from the Service Desk for academic purposes?

Yes. The Service Desk offers a large selection of media equipment for check out to UWSP students and staff. Visit our equipment loan pages for more information.

​Residential Living Technology FAQ

 Is the Residential Living Network available for off campus students?

No. Residential Living network services are provided only to students living in the University Residence Halls.

 Can I connect my game console (X-Box 360, PS3, Wii, etc.) to the network?

Yes, plug your gaming device into the campus network with an Ethernet Cable and you should be good to go.  If you prefer to use the wireless network for connecting, you will want to connect to the UWSPDEVICE Wireless network.  Please see our page, "Residential Living - Connecting to the Internet" for more information.

 What is the campus policy on file sharing?

Information Technology does not endorse file sharing. File sharing slows the Internet connection down for everyone in the residence hall. Read the e-mail from Service Desk regarding our RIAA notice policy.

 How to fix a pushed in port?

A pushed in port can be easily fixed by following these simple steps.

  1. If your port is pushed in, it will look like this:


  2. Use a flat screw driver or a butter knife to pop out the port.
  3. Grab the triangular piece and you will see your network cable.


  4. Grab your network cable and snap it back onto the triangular piece

  5. Snap the triangular piece back on.

  6. Your pushed in port is now fixed.

 Are routers or wireless access points allowed in the Residence Halls?

No. Having any kind of router is a violation of your Residential Living Network contract and may result in the loss of service.
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Have questions? Please contact the Service Desk.