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The 2023-24 meal plans include four options, each priced at $1,825 per semester*

Image containing All student meal plan options.

On-Campus Meal Plans

Meals can be redeemed at the all-you-care-to-eat Upper DeBot Dining Hall. One meal grants you access to the seven food stations, including Comfort Cuisine, Around the World, Lite Bites, Plain & Simple, Pizza & Penne, Seared & Serve, and Sweets & Treats.

Meals will reset every Monday. There are 19 meal opportunities weekly, consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays, and brunch and dinner on weekends. You are allowed one meal per meal period.

Dawg Dollars are attached to provide the freedom to purchase anything from all University Dining locations across campus. Dawg Dollars are worth one dollar each, and purchases made with them are tax-exempt. All Dawg Dollars must be used by the end of each semester and do not carry over. GET Mobile Ordering allows for Dawg Dollar purchases at Lower Marketplace and DUC Food Court.

If you are an incoming student and have a dietary concern, follow these steps:
  1. Fill out the allergy/dietary requirement self-declaration form; or contact our registered dietitian at
  2. The dietitian will connect with you to discuss your dietary restrictions or concerns, and advise on how best to move forward.
  3. Next steps could include a one-on-one meeting, tour of your primary dining facility, introduction to the unit chef, or possible discussion of a Dining Plan Exemption.
  4. Our registered dietitian and culinary staff will continue to be a resource for you throughout your time living in on-campus housing.

As outlined in the Housing and Residential Living / University Dining contract at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, all students residing on campus in a traditional residence hall are required to participate in the dining program. Suites residents, two years or more out of high school (at the start of the fall semester), are NOT required to purchase a meal plan; however, individuals who have graduated high school within the 2-year requirement, are required to contract for one of the on-campus dining plans. A dining contract is effective for one academic year.

Head to the UWSP Housing Portal now to select/change your Spring 2024 On-Campus meal plan option. If you do not complete a request, you will be auto assigned to Option 3. ALL SPRING MEAL PLAN CHANGES MUST BE MADE BY 11:59 P.M. ON DECEMBER 31, 2023. No changes for SPRING 2024 will be allowed after that time.
Image containing off campus meal plan information.

Off-Campus Meal Plan

Dawg Dollars provide the freedom to purchase items from all University Dining locations across campus. This declining balance plan allows for à la carte purchases at various retail dining locations, including the Common Ground Café, Homegrown Café, Lower DeBot Marketplace, and DUC Food Court. Additionally, you can enjoy meals at the all-you-care-to-eat Upper DeBot Dining Center at a fixed Dawg Dollar price per meal.

If the off-campus meal plan specific option doesn’t meet your needs, you may choose one of the traditional meal plan options from the meal plan option dropdown menu when filling out the “off-campus meal plan registration form” linked below.

GET Mobile Ordering enables Dawg Dollar purchases at the Lower DeBot Marketplace and DUC Food Court.

Upper DeBot Dining Center Dawg Dollar Prices:
Breakfast ($5.25)
Brunch, Lunch, Dinner ($7.25)

Registration for Off-Campus Meal Plans opens on August 15th. Suites @ 201 and Hyer Hall are considered Off-Campus, and students planning to reside at either location and purchase a meal plan should register for the Off-Campus option.

Add more Dawg Dollars to your dining meal plan by filling out the “Dawg Dollar Request Form” link. You can only add Dawg Dollars to an existing meal plan that was selected. Dawg Dollars can be added starting at the minimum increment of fifty Dawg Dollars and increase from there to the desired amount.

Running out of Dawg Dollars? Add Dawg Dollars anytime throughout the semseter to your exisiting meal plan by filling out the Dawg Dollar Request Form.

*Proposed plans and prices pending approval from the UW System Board of Regents. All plans have an administrative fee included ranging from $375 – $525. As an auxiliary function on the UWSP campus, University Dining is not funded by state taxpayer dollars but instead by the users of the services. The Administrative / Overhead Board Fee goes toward the costs of debt service, utility costs, maintenance, insurance, supplies, personnel, and administrative costs. Administrative / Overhead Board fees are non-refundable and calculated for each plan price based on the accessibility of the plan selected. For more, visit