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Calling in for Work

If you must call in to your shift for any reason, we ask that you notify University Dining a minimum of two hours prior to your shift and if possible, the night before.

To call in for your shift, call (715) 346-2610 and leave a clear, concise message that includes your name, work location, scheduled shift, and reason for absence if possible.

Employees will need to call in for each individual shift that they will be absent unless a specified timeframe is provided. In addition, please notify your immediate supervisor of your absence if possible. This can be done through e-mail or text message.

DO NOT call the main office

All Dining Locations715-346-2610

Frequently Asked Questions

The UWSP Housing Contract requires that all students living on campus (except for Hyer Hall and the Suites @201) have a meal plan. The students living in Hyer Hall and the Suites @ 201 are considered Off Campus and can still purchase meal plans through our webform here.

A dining plan waiver may only be granted for documented medical conditions. If you would like to request an exemption, please submit a Dining Plan Exemption Request Form to University Dining. Dining has a wide variety of food options and plans available, so exemptions are rare. Submissions of the form do not always guarantee approval.

For security reasons, we will not manually type in your ID without your ID present. If you have a valid PointCard that is not readable, we will manually type it in for ONE meal and you will be REQUIRED to get this corrected at IT services.

You can pick up a temporary meal card for short term use in the event you are having issues getting a PointCard. For more information, contact UWSP Dining at

Dining plans begin and end each semester. On-campus students have a Housing contract, so the same Meal Plan will be assigned for Spring Semester unless changed via the Housing Portal. Off-Campus students need to purchase a new meal plan each semester via the webform. Fall and Spring semester dining plans begin on move-in day. They typically end after lunch on the last day of exams during both semesters. For other breaks and holidays, please watch academic year specific announcements.

Changes to meal plans are only allowed until the deadline set by Housing. An email will be sent out with instructions pertaining to this.

University Dining has a Registered Dietitian on staff. We will work with you to create options that will meet your needs while dining here at UW-Stevens Point. Visits with our dietitian are at no additional cost. Schedule an appointment with Jennifer Hanlon RDN, CD. by email at

You can deactivate your PointCard by marking it LOST via the GET App. If you find after marking it LOST, contact the PointCard office and they can revalidate your card. If it remains lost, you will need to purchase a new PointCard for a $20 fee by visiting the PointCard office. You are responsible for reporting missing cards. The University is not responsible for the loss meals or Dawg Dollars because of unreported cards. There is a charge for getting a replacement card.

Download the GET Mobile App to check your balance (or any location can check that for you)

Meals are not available during break periods (Thanksgiving, Winterim, Spring). Please check locations for the most current operational hours.

Dawg Dollars from the current semester can be refunded though any that are used will not be. Unused Dawg Dollars from the pervious semester will NOT be refunded. Contact University Dining at for more information.

All available food options can be viewed on NetNutrition.

Any meal plan is available to an off-campus student through the webform here. Choose which meal plan works best for you and fill out the form accordingly. Like the meal plans for on campus students, it does NOT transfer from Fall Semester to Spring Semester.

If you have a meal plan for the current semester, and you are in need of more Dawg Dollars you can purchase them here. These can be purchased throughout the year and will be charged to your student billing account. REMINDER THAT ANY REMAINING DAWG DOLLARS DOES NOT TRANSFER TO THE NEXT SEMESTER.