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UW-Stevens Point Biology graduates at work

  • Michael Meyer ’78Wildlife Toxicologist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Woodruff, Wis.
  • Erin Fischer ’11Physician Assistant, Prevea Health, Green Bay, Wis.
  • O. Anthony Ogundipe ’82Medical Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates, Lynwood, Calif.


Phone: 715-346-2159

Choose Biology at UW-Stevens Point

​In addition to experiencing one of the most comprehensive offerings of biological sciences in the Midwest, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students benefit from the exceptional diversity of faculty specialties within the Department of Biology. Our full-time faculty members are continually adding new, cutting-edge courses across the entire biology curriculum. Our students benefit greatly from the outstanding reputation of the UW-Stevens Point biology program when they graduate.

Beginning in Fall 2018, UW-Stevens Point biology students will take classes and conduct research in the university's new Chemistry Biology Building, a state-of-the-art, $75 million facility.

Career opportunities in Biology

​Common areas of emphasis in biology include aquatic biology, biobusiness, biotechnology, botany, ecology/environmental, education, graduate work/research, horticulture, microbiology, natural history, pharmaceutical and biomedical sales, zoos and aquaria, and zoology. Students looking to advance in their profession after employment or enter graduate school, medical school, or veterinary medicine should consult their adviser about additional math, physics and chemistry coursework.

Building your résumé

​Students gain valuable, hands-on experience through on- and off-campus research and field opportunities. There are outstanding collections of fish, herptiles, fossils, mammals, birds and plants. On-campus facilities for students include scanning and transmission electron microscopes, DNA sequencers, aquaculture labs, aquaria, greenhouses, and the only student-run vivarium in the state. There are dedicated labs for molecular genetics, cell biology and plant physiology, human and animal physiology, plant taxonomy, human anatomy, higher vertebrates and lower vertebrates.

Outside the classroom

​Field courses take students off campus to American deserts from the Great Basin Desert to the Pacific Coast, and to Costa Rica for eight days during spring break. These intense camping, hiking and learning experiences provide hands-on, living labs to apply and understand ecological principles.

Other off-campus facilities encompass 40,000 acres of private, county and state land available for study within 20 miles of campus, providing a great diversity of habitats for scientific investigations. The department is also home to two leading centers for aquaculture research, the Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility and Aquaponics Innovation Center.

Biology student organizations include the Herpetology Society, the campus chapter of the Tri-Beta Lambda Omicron National Biological Honor Society, the Pre-Med and Allied Health Club, and the Animal and Pre-Vet Club.

Student support services

Biology students at UW-Stevens Point tailor the major to emphasize their individual interests and career aspirations. Students work with their advisers to personalize their choice of required core curricular elements, collateral courses and electives to best fit their particular goals.

The university's Career Services office is a great resource for students to find internships and summer-employment opportunities. It offers a career-exploration portal and career-planning guides to help students find their career path.