Transportation is vital to our campus activities and it is a source of greenhouse gas emissions. UWSP strategies to reduce and offset emissions include reducing student and staff commuting to campus, increase the percent of the population that use alternative forms of transportation, decrease single occupancy travel, reduce the miles traveled for official business by faculty and staff, reduce emissions associated with fleet operations and offset air travel for faculty, staff and international student travel.


The following table shows how students and faculty commute to campus.

Group Walk/Bike Bus Car
On-Campus 100.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Off-Campus 13.00% 15.00% 72.00%
Faculty 13.00% 0.00% 87.00%


Although this chart has allowed error for reasons of weather, car-pooling, and students without classes every day, it still shows that as a campus community we can improve our current means of transportation to a more sustainable method. There are many stationary and mobile bike racks waiting to be used by YOU!

A link to Zimride Ride Share Services offered to you by SGA can be seen below. This allows you to offer or accept carpool rides with other students.

For your convenience please check out the following car-pooling/Ride Share opportunities:

Bus System: Rideshare:


The SGA Campus Cab is also available from 6pm-1am daily. Their phone number is 715-340-4725. Please visit the SGA Services website for more details.

Future plans include the WIST Sustainable Commute Project. Please stay tuned and please visit WIST Sustainable Commute Project to see how you can help reduce emissions.